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  1. Hey guys it has been a week or so since I have been around. I have been real busy with this new curriculum that I am involved with at my high school. I have also been involved with my high school reunion committee class of 1967. Man I'm getting old. Also my little dog got gimped up a little bit this past weekend and I've been worried about him. I believe he has a little arthritis in one hip and sometimes he gets to running so hard he dings it up a little. With my wife doctoring him and me spoiling an already spoiled dog he is coming along pretty well. Now my wife's hip is acting up where she has lifted on him for the past 4 days. A person just can't win. Now for my post as everybody sighs, "its about time rtstuff.". This weekend I met and talked to one of the actors in the upcoming movie, "We Are Marshall". He was just the nicest and classiest of young men, Arlen Escarpeta. Arlen probably is best known for his role of Sam Walker in the TV series of last year, "American Dreams". Arlen plays quarterback Reggie Oliver who was the quarterback that led Marshall to its first win after the tragic plane crash. I just can't say enough about this young man. While he was here in town he talked to several youth groups about getting there priorities in line and he even read to a bunch of elementary school children. I also met and talked to Arlen's agent, Britton Hein, who was also a very nice and classy young man. As I told Britton later they were both great ambassadors for Hollywood and the entertainment industry. So often we hear about all of the negatives of that industry, but these guys were all class. rtstuff Marshall U. 1971
  2. 1.Monster Hop. Bert Convy, the same guy that would make a name for himself hosting tv game shows and he also did a quite of bit of acting on tv series shows. My friend had an old 45 recording of this and we use to dress up and he would play the Monster Hop as we gave out goodies to the kids. This was about 30 years ago. 2. Ms. Ghost. Don Henley. This has quite interesting lyrics that are somewhat suggestive and somewhat erotic. rtstuff
  3. rtstuff

    My Ding-a-Ling

    In my classroom at school I put on the board every day something of importance that happened on that day in rock history. It was this week that Chuck Berry's "My Ding-a ling" hit number one on the US charts. I believe it was 1973. Another interesting point about this song was that it was Chuck's only number one song in the US. I thought sure "Johnny B. Goode" would have reached number one. rtstuff
  4. 1. What is Life. George Harrison This song was playing in 1970 when I was bending over for my Army Draft physical. I would like to forget that moment. 2. The Joker. Steve Miller Band. "Some people call me the space cowboy some people call me the gangster of love." Steve Miller. rtstuff
  5. Hey OLD 55 you are right about Crime Story. I remember that now. By the way Denis Farina was hillarious in the movie "Another Stakeout" with Richard Dreyfus and Emilio Estavez. The scene where he is eating that icecream desert at the dinner table and gets a brain freeze with Rosie O'Donnell looking on is a gut buster. Every time I see that scene I just howl. rtstuff
  6. Thanks Ken. I enjoyed your post. Well I came home and looked for the bottle and guess what? My wife took the blackberry wine and made a blackberry cake with blackberry glaze. You know what? That worked out pretty darn good. Yum Yum! rtstuff smiling in Huntington, West Virginia.
  7. Oops sorry about the double post. I just had a glass of blackberry wine. rtstuff
  8. I here that next month all of Elvis' appearances on the Ed Sullivan show will be available in a DVD box set. Plus Ed's other acts will be on the DVD's. There you go OLD 55. rtstuff
  9. I here that next month all of Elvis' appearances on the Ed Sullivan show will be available in a DVD box set. Plus Ed's other acts will be on the DVD's. There you go OLD 55. rtstuff
  10. Sorry guys I'm getting confused between the Ultimate list and the regular list. I miss the board a few days and I get "cornfused". I will try to keep everything straight now. I had open house last night at my high school and my wife had an outpatient procedure done so I am a little behind. Here goes my list. Man I left off some good music. 1. Sounds of Silence. Kind of my anthem in 1967. 2. Paint It Black" My favorite Stones hit. Used as musical score to a "Tour Of Duty" tv series. I thought that show was well done about Viet Nam. Unfortunately the critics didn't like it. I think it perhaps came a little too soon after the US involvement in Indochina and many Americans were not ready for a show about the Viet Nam war. 3. California Dreamin. The signature song for the Mamma and Pappas in my book. 4. Bridge Over Troubled Water. Another S and G hit. One of the best rock songs ever in my book. 5. Imagine. When they played this song at the end of the movie "The Killing Fields" I cried. 6. House Of The Rising Sun. Powerful song by one of the "Bad" boys bands of the 60's 7. Suspicous Minds. The "King" Probably my second favorite by the King. I sandwich it between Kentuck Rain and Burnin Love. 8. God Only Knows. I love this song. It is simply beuatiful. It seems to me one time I heard Brian Wilson wrote this for his father Muarry. If so this would be some irony, becasue Muarry would often use force to punish Brian. 9. Run Away. This song was too used on a tv. series where Stacy Keach was a private investigator. I can't remember the name of the show. Someone help me out here. Hey a little help OLD 55. 10. White Room. A great tune from the Psychedelic era. rtstuff "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good, Oh Lord please don't let me be missunderstood." The Animals.
  11. Well I went to the Marshall game last night with all of the Hollwood hoopla. Just a beautiful night. It was about 70 degrees at about 10 pm. The Clydesdales were very impressive. My wife Janet and I were standing right next to them. Man what beautiful and majestic creatures. McConughey and the Warner Brothers crew walked with the team over to the stadium. They passed right next to us. Everything was wonderful except for the game outcome. My team got beat 23 to 22 on a last second field goal. I felt as though my heart had been ripped out and stomped on to say the least. Ok here are my votes 1. These Boots Are Made For Walking. I'm not sure but i think that was one of my earlier nominations. Nancy was every school boys fantasy back in 1966 including this guy doing the typing. 2. Stand By Me A classic slow dance tune. A great little movie takes it's name from this song title 3. Only The Lonely. A great song by a legend who died way too young when he was just starting to make a come back with the Travelling Willburys. 4. Time In a Bottle. A song with great lyrics. Another tragic loss of a young up and coming entertainer. 5. Sundown. A popular hit when I was in the Army reserves at Camp Drum, New York 6. I Can See For Miles. Used in the musical soundtrack to the film Apollo 13. 7. Jack and Diane. From the ole boy from Seymour, Indiana 8. Ride Captain Ride... on your mystrey ship 9. Cherry Hill Park. " all the girls criticzed her all the boys idolized her" That says a lot. 10. Living on Prayer. One of New Jersey's favorite sons. I think Jon Bon Jovi is a genuinely good guy rtstuff. Tired and disappointed in Herd land. I got about 2 hours sleep last night. " Hey Jackie take off those Bobby Brooks and let me do like please" John Mellencamp.
  12. One of my favorite bands. I have seen them twice in concert. My favorites. God Only Knows Caroline Sloop John B. Which I once tried to sing to 9th grade science class complete with beach hat and sunglasses. 409 I Get Around Heroes and Villians Wendy In My Room rtstuff
  13. On Wed night at 7:30 on ESPN 2 Marshall is going to play Central Florida from Joan C. Edwards stadium in Huntington, West Virginia. Matthew McConughey is going to be there along with the director McG and a number of Warner Brothers brass. I am sure that they will be shown and perhaps interviewed by the ESPN crew. I am really excited about this game and the events surrounding the movie. There is going to be a walk to the stadium about two hours before game time with the team and the Budweiser Clydsdale horses and the wagon. This is the same rig that is shown during the Christmas season on the Budweiser commercial. McConughey will be leading the team and the Clydsdales. There will be a big fire works display sometime during or after the game. This is the biggest thing to hit my little town since VE Day according to my mum. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the showers will hold off till after the game. rtstuff Marshall U. 1971 "Hope Never Dies"
  14. I hope these already haven't been tried, but I'm going with Time In A Bottle.. the late Jim Croce. Billy Joe Royal. Mary Hill(from Cherry Hill Park) rtstuff "All the girls criticized her, all the boys idolized her" Billy Joe Royal
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