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  1. Fraisure or Frasier (if you haven't notcied spelling doesn't bother me much) just for some reason drives me up a wall.
  2. I nominate SpongeBob Squarepants, Sex in the City, Joey, Fraisure, and Seinfeld.
  3. The thing I like about greatest hits compelations is that I can get all the 'good' songs from the band for the cheapest amount. Especially since I'm a dj and have to supply all my own music for my show.
  4. Oh yeah, funness! Must go to this one also
  5. If he didn't die in 1977 he most likely has died since then.
  6. I saw them back in 2002 for the Pop Disaster tour with Blink-182 and it was an amazingly awesome show. My roommate went to this past tour in May but I couldn't make, damn her.
  7. My number one pick is Rick Allen from Def Leppard, cause he does everything everyone else does but with only one arm.
  8. I totally agree wholeheartedly. The reason we love music is because of the way it makes us feel, the events and people it reminds us of, and the experices that we bring into it.
  9. Just for shits and giggles you should use "Backfield in Motion" by Mel and Tim
  10. Prince did it last year as well with his "Musicology" album. It's a pain in the ass but it can be cracked if you know computers and cd files well enough (of which I don't). But even if you crack it the quality it still [bleep]. The only thing I've found that works is copying the cd to a casette tape and then if you have the equiptment/program, transferring it back to a digital file. The quality can then be played with from there.
  11. Honestly and truthfully I can't stand this song. Don't get me wrong I love Rod Stewart but this song just grates on my nerves.
  12. SoCo is pretty picky about giving their sheet music away, especially for the piano (mostly because Andrew improvs a lot when he plays the live shows). Chord progressions for guitar and bass are so much easier to find. As for the COMPLETE versions... that's even harder cause they like to do a slightly different version every time they play it live. There is one version on the album "Ready... Break" and another version of it on a japanesse import "Songs for Silient Movies". If you can't get your hands on those cd's i would try to download a live version of it somewhere.
  13. Tickets have been achieved for October 16th at the Meadowlands in NJ.... will I see you there RonJon?
  14. New Jersey tickets go on sale at 10am tomorrow! And my parents are getting them for me and my sister so that the four of us can go!! (That is if they can get thru) :happybanana:*Happy dance of joy* :happybanana:
  15. Beatles- Help Rolling Stones- Satisfaction Led Zeppelin- Black Dog Bob Seeger- Old Time Rock and Roll Pink Floyd- The Wall Part 2 Rod Stewart- Having A Party The Eagles- Desperado Fleetwood Mac- Tusk The Who -Pinball Wizzard Lynard Skynard- Give Me Three Steps Springsteen- Born to Run Billy Joel- Piano Man Zappa- Lets Make the Water Turn Black Warren Zevon- Warewolves of London
  16. there is also a version by clint black on the album Common Thread which is a country tribute to the Eagles
  17. I can't pick just one... although my top three songs out of them right now is: "Jack and Diane" -Kenny Chesney and John Mellancamp "Tiny Dancer" -ELton John and Ryan Adams "Family Tradition" -Hank Williams Jr and Kid Rock
  18. It's about that time of year again, not not heat rash and sun burn, but Bethlehem MusikFest (Bethlehem, PA). 10 days. 13 stage. 1300 performers. No matter what kind of music turns you on, rest assured that you will find a concert to fit your liking. Free shows all day all through town, as well as ticketed shows at night from some of your favorite bands. 8/5 Donna Summer -River Place Don't Look Down -Americaplatz Blues Brotherhood -Banana Island 8/6 Keith Urban -River Place (sold out) David DeYoung performs STYX -Bank of America Performing Arts (sold out) 8/7 My Sinatra (musical film from MSG) -Bank of America Performing Arts Naturally Seven -PNC Candlelight 8/8 JoDee Messina -River Place Big Shot -Americaplatz Saw Doctors -Volksplatz 8/9 Beach Boys -River Place Dr. Demento -PNC Candlelight Series Tommy Zito -Banana Island VooDUDES -Plaza Tropical 8/10 Clay Aiken -River Place Dueling Pianos -Banana Island Crawdaddies -Volksplatz 8/11 REO Speedwagon w. Night Ranger -River Place Micheal Fienstein -Bank of America Performing Arts 8/12 George Thurogood and the Destroyers -River Place Loudon Wainwright III -PNC Candlelight Series Blues Brotherhood -Banana Island 8/13 George Clinton and Parliment FUnkadelic -RIver Place Platters -PNC Candlelight Series 8/14 Steve Miller Banf -River Place Dueling Pianos -Banana Island And many many many many many more. Check out the full list of performers as well as vendors, food, and ticket information at www.musikfest.org
  19. No. serious? I dunno if I think the sound of this.
  20. *expletive* *Expletive* *expletive* Why can't my cable system have CMT... I get stuck with VH1Country instead.... *expletive* I love CMT Crossroads. They are some of the best pairings I'm seen. I cannot wait for this one. I might have to find somewhere to go watch it, cause I am sooooooo not missing this!
  21. Ahhh Queen in Jersey... awesomeness... Both Cream and Queen reunion tours in the same year... I think I've died and gone to heaven. Wait no, there's still no Freddie Mercury. I gues I"m still alive. But it's a good alive right now.
  22. Lonesome Dave (lead) died in 2000. Rod Price (guitar) died in the spring, I want to say April. They released a live greatest hits in December 2003 called "Decades Live." But haven't toured together since 1999, when they cancelled the last fifteen dates of the tour. OTher than that they kinda just fell off the face of the earth.
  23. ahhh but there are worse things to be addicted to
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