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but I don't know if anyone here knows enough celtic music to know what I'm talking about if I list them. I play celtic fiddle myself, so I love going to see great celtic music live.

cool - I love Celtic music! I don't know much about it, but I know it when I hear it, and I think it's beautiful.

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Yah, so basically, I am poor and can only go and see tribute bands. BUT...

I went and saw these three tribute groups, and thought they were all fantastic.

First, I saw a Beatles tribute called "Rain" or "Rain: The Beatles Experience". I must say, for a tribute, they had to be one of the best. They did costume changes with costumes that actually looked realistic to the originals, and they even had the accents of each Beatle down to almost exact. They joked with the audience, were quirky, and entertaining. And an extra bonus: during intermissions they had cool videos and clips of retro commercials, and controversial events of the 1960's. It was a very interesting and neat show. Definitly go see it if they come to your town.

Second I saw two tribute bands who were playing a show together on the night I went. One was a Pink Floyd tribute called "The Pink Floyd Experience", and the other, a Led Zeppelin tribute called "Led Zepplica". These two were absolutly AMAZING. They did every-thing perfect, and they really studied every detail of each band. The Led Zeppelin tribute even had their guitarist playing the guitar with a violin bow, and the drummer even did a crazy 3 min drum solo onstage during their performance of "Moby Dick".

These two tributes were amazing as well, and worth checking out too, if they happen to be in your area.

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Okay I will try and play....I have seen more shows than I will be able to list I am sure. I am 45 and saw my first show on my 16th birthday. I have seen some of these more than once and some in different situations...I'll put comments when I feel they are needed. So here goes.....

Styx - first show I ever saw. I also saw them again as an opener to KISS

Aerosmith - saw them on the Rocks tour in '77 and had the priv. of taking my 14 year old to see them just this year in Houston...that was a hoot!

Rush - twice...first time on 2112 tour and the second was with backstage passes in Houston.

Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush

Queen - We will rock you tour

Emerson Lake and Palmer

Van Halen - as openers to the next band listed..

Black Sabbath


The Firm


Linda Ronstadt

James Taylor

Crosby, Stills and Nash

Muddy Waters

Eric Clapton

Fleetwood Mac

Pink Floyd

Electric Light Orchestra

Jimmy Buffet

The Eagles

Robert Plant

Robert Plant with The Honey Drippers

Robert Plant, again

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page

Lucinda Williams

ZZ Top - twice, once was with back stage pass

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Ray Vaughn - twice...thank goodness!

The Who

The Rolling Stones


Don Henley

John Mellencamp

John Fogerty

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Cheap Trick

The Ramones

The Outlaws

Delbert McClinton

Three Dog Night

Katrina and The Waves

Men at Work

Twisted Sister - spent a day with the band when they first arrived in US. they were to play a rock club I was managing at the time.

Gary Wright

Elton John

Jerry Jeff Walker

Lyle Lovett

Tracy Chapman


Sammy Hagar

Alice Cooper

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - the last show I have seen.....just about a week ago!

The next show will likely be The Rolling Stones in Zilker Park in Austin.

I love live music and I have seen so many bands that I could not possibly list them all, but those were some interesting ones and some highlights.....

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OK revised edition for mine.

Regrettable concerts: Default, Sum 41.

The rest:P :

Australian Pink Floyd (Obviously, an Australian PF tribute band)

Joel Plaskett (Solo Acoustic)

Guy Davis (Solo Blues guitar)

Joel Plaskett (With band) twice

Sisters Euclid (Most rocking jazz band of all time)

Our Lady Peace (Amazing really)

Openers worth mentioning

Two Hours Traffic

Neverending White Lights

Pete Elkas:rockon:

Matt Barber

Vanessa Rodrigues Soul Project

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the stones tickets in wellington where i live sold out in 20mins. i was sooooooooooo lucky to get a ticket! we thought we had missed out, and i was so depressed. but then we found out that we had actually managed to get some and i was completely ecstatic!!!!

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I saw the Pretenders two weeks ago. They were good, but they blew off "Kid", "Talk Of The Town", and "Tattooed Love Boys". And Chrissie Hynde said 'hi' to me in parking lot. She was standing outside by the tour bus when we pulled in. She still looks good. I was gonna invite her to our tailgate party, but she's a big advocate for vegetarianism, and all we had were dogs, burgs, and sausages....(and beer and tequila, of course).

The opening band, however, was EXCELLENT! They were four kids from Nottingham, England, called IV Thieves (that's FourThieves). Three of the four dudes sang lead on different tunes, their riffs were reminiscent of T-Rex, and their antics were reminiscent of The Who.

And if all things go right, I should be seeing Steely Dan tomorrow night, about ten miles from where I live. And if all things go right, I'll probably be getting cooked in the parking lot while Michael McDonald is playing.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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Hey, Jane.

Pretenders were very good. I saw them open for the Stones a few years back, but, of course, I only saw half of their show because we were getting cooked in the parking lot.

Steely Dan was excellent. They opened with my favorite Dan tune, "Bodhisattva" and closed with my second favorite Dan tune, "Kid Charlemagne". That was before the encores, of course. Michael McDonald played about five songs with them, and Cindy Myzell sang lead on "Dirty Work". Very cool! A most excellent show! See it if you get the chance.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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