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Concerts You've Attended


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You all may now refer to me as Summer's Eve, as I am officially even more in love with The Douche. I saw Daughtry last night and he/they rocked my socks off. It was a fantastic show...he really gave his all on every song. I've been to shows where the artist just half-a$$ed it, but not my man. We even accidentally showed up when he was getting on the tour bus and in a fit of post-show fever, I flashed a boob at the bus as it was driving away. I can live the rest of my life as a happy woman knowing that my bald Prince Charming possibly saw my 38 year old can. Good times.

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Oh, it was a joke. I don't think he's that bad. He wasn't even originally #1. :)

As I said, I took no true offense. Ryan can be a monstrous cry baby. Your comments allowed me to gasp, put hand to head, and utter "oh I shall faint!" Fun times for me.

By the by-Beaker Avatar. Word.

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Props yo.
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