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  1. Hey y'all, just thought I'd drop in and say long time no see, and howdie! I can't remember what my password actually is to log on, but I seem to have it saved on my work PC so thought I'd take the opportunity to say something, and then get my password changed! If one of the lovely mods would help me out, that'd be dandy
  2. Just finished off House of lies (again because it was so bloody good...), American horror story and finally finishing off season 4 of True Blood (yes, totally for the man candy and also, because it's entertaining as hell). The junk on Swedish TV is reruns from yonks ago with the only recent-ish things being Glee (yay) and garbage like America's next top model/dog whisperer which yes, I ashamedly have watched The Gates is also on which I am slowly getting into, but I need some more suggestions of good stuff to watch!
  3. Debut Albums Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix Experience B C Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC E F G H I JJ72 - JJ72 K Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin M N O Please Please Me--The Beatles Q R S Ten - Pearl Jam U V W X Y Z
  4. Sometimes people don't go to hear every single song from a new album - they go to hear the band. Old songs are obviously part of the back catalogue so there is no reason why they would not expect to hear an old number or 2, unless it is advertised as being the "insert album name here" tour. Even then, most bands encore with an older, popular number. "Pandering to fans" - really? Those fans made you who you are by supporting your music - how about giving a little back as well and letting them feel part of the gig. So what if a bit of singing/dancing/clapping/stomping along is cheesy - it's about the music, the experience, the excitement and if that's offensive to you, what's the point? No wonder people walk away from hearing big bands saying it wasn't as good as they were expecting it to be. No wonder people would rather sit home and watch X-factor/Idol/The voice etc!
  5. NO! B-F you're not supposed to look like that... you're supposed to look like Homer Gratz on the great reception so far! Onwards and upwards eh I'm not really a punky music kinda girl, but I have passed the links along to friends who are (but just because it's you, I shall say it's pretty darn good! )
  6. lol nah it's not a big deal I still have them, so it is still important to me and I like to do the same with reading them every now and then. I have paper letters from grade school still written by best friends at the time, filled with stickers and as much gossip as 10 year olds can come up with High school letters have 2 subjects only: boys and crushes
  7. Good to see you back around here Chutz and terribly sorry to hear about your losses One is bad, 3 must be unbearable but Laurie said it perfectly; music is always so good for the soul.
  8. Finished reading Graceling by Kristin Cashore. Easy read and quite interesting (although it grinds my gears when everything is now being called "young adult" and hoping to tap into the Twilight fans). Why is it young adult and not for just anyone? What makes it young adult? Can we just drop the YA tag and just market a book as a book... grrr :beady: Now I've hopped on to The theory of everything (Stephen Hawking) which always makes for good commuting reading.
  9. Is it weird that I find someone deleting themself from a private topic like them tearing up a letter and binning it? I don't know why, maybe it's because I can't bring myself to tear up a card from a friend/family (like ever) because I think of the thought that went into it and that it was something between us?
  10. Only relistened to them yesterday and am in love with their sophomore album "Put Your Back N 2 It". So many amazing songs to choose from, but here is a quick playlist with a few seconds of each song. Just gorgeous! This one (Floating spit) reminded me so much of Phil Collins - but maybe that's just me? Their debut album (Learning) is different in some ways, but equally as touching and heartfelt.
  11. The Avengers - absolute new release of the year so far! 9/10 fo' sho'
  12. Agreed In Bruges - 7.5/10 Soylent green - 6/10 (only because of its age and backwards views about some things) The man from earth - 8/10 The time traveller's wife - 8/10 Get smart - 7/10 The adjustment bureau - 7.5/10
  13. Not to worry guys, I think this is quite an interesting topic so I am going to expand on the thread and think it'd be nice to hear any songs following the theme (hits or not) Sure Carl won't mind the thread hijack
  14. We watched Wild Target the other night and it was alright mostly because Bill Nighy is normally good and it has Harry Potter's Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) playing a different role. The woman in it drove me half mad though mostly because I cannot stand people like her - freeloading hedonists. 5/10
  15. "Full dark, no stars" - Stephen King Admittedly, I am a fan, but he still has it so 9/10. It's a collection of short stories covering so many different threads, and this copy came with an extra short story. Recommended for fans and those who enjoy a bit of the macabre
  16. My TV. Well, rather the TV in the apartment I rent Sometimes it is on the right channel, other times I put it on another channel, but nothing changes! If I turn it off and on again, the signal is scrambled no matter what channel I try and put it on. Could drive me crazy!!
  17. Se7en is excellent - Morgan gets my vote every time, and Brad plays the role excellently. It gives me faith that there are actors who have been labelled beefcakes or "hunks" (as if all they can bring to a movie is their 6 pack/face) but then they pull performances like that out the bag. This extends all the way to DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Brad etc etc.
  18. A Breathe - Telepopmusik, David Gray, Prodigy, Michelle Branch Creep - Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, TLC D E F G Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin, Pat Benetar I Love You - Cliff Richard, Donna Summer et al J Knock Me Down - Dropkick Murphys, Red Hot Chili Peppers Learning to Fly - Pink Floyd, Tom Petty M N One - Metallica, U2, Three Dog Night, etc. P Q R Stairway To Heaven - Led Zep, Neil Sedaka Twist And Shout - The Beatles (and others) + Deacon Blue U Venus--Frankie Avalon; The Shocking Blue/Bananarama W X Y Z
  19. Arts & Jazz Festival Biking Camping D Easter Egg-eating! Food festival in Djurgården Gun shooting Horseback Riding Inner Tube River Float Trips J K L Mini-skirt watching!!! N O Preparing the pool for summer swimming Quad-Wheel racing (ATV) R St. Patrick's Day parade Trout Fishing U V Wind Surfing (Water or Desert) X-ray checkups (after doing many of the other listed activities) Yard Work Zoo trips
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