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OK, I'm stupid. I had a Facebook posting that "Last Play at Shea" was now on sale, so I thought it was a Billy Joel concert...it's a concert DVD recorded last year. I think Shea stadium is in use anymore, right?

Anyway, I'm not a concert person, so I'd like the DVD much better anyway....comfortable seats, no wait for the bathroom and all the food is free!

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I saw Kermit Ruffins last Friday night in New Orleans. Freaking awesome. We'd been up for 20 hours at that point so we left after the first set. Apparently we didn't miss much because he was supposed to take a 15 minute "reefer break" as he put it that turned into an hour. Then he played only 3 more songs because he kept forgetting the words and notes.

The set we saw was brilliant. :rockon:

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I remember, back in 1971, my friends and I were very excited about Led Zeppelin's tour featuring their first two albums.

Keep in mind, Stairway to Heaven wasn't invented yet, neither was Free Bird!

Also, my friends and I were not even teenagers!

But we ran away from home!


To see Led Zeppelin perform @ the Hampton Rhoads Coliseum. All we ever heard was Moby Dick, "Heartbreaker" and" What is and What Should Never Be!"

We got there in a 70's van primed with flowers and peace signs (after hitch-hiking) that had as much rock-n-roll as the concert did.

The concert? I'm certain EVERYONE was too f..cked up to remember.

That might've been a good thing!

(at least for our girlfriends) God, they loved Robert Plant and I was juz a'li'l jealous until she grabbed me. It had been a long time since I rocked and rolled, heck, I was a virgin.

Not for long, though.


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I saw PJ Harvey friday night. She mainly played songs from her new album: Let England Shake, which is a collection of decent song regarding England, worth a listen!

A few tracks from 'White Chalk' and some classics like 'Down by the water' and 'C'mon Billy' were also played.

In all quite a good and variable show. However PJ didn't say a single word in between the songs. You could only hear her voice while she was singing. Just when I started worrying if she had lost her voice and was play-backing, she said 'Thank you so much' and left the stage, for the show was over.

Now I assume this was intentionally (the silence), creating some sort of strange atmosphere. 30 seconds of silence between songs.

Personally I go to live concerts to get that little bit extra from the artists: a joke, an anecdote, a new solo, a unheard song,..

This time I only had the feeling like I was sitting in a big room, listening to a compilation disc.


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Saw REO Speedwagon a couple of weeks ago....They sounded great, but did not enjoy the concert at all...First of all it was a free concert at the Casino/Racetrack....not a very large venue for the crowd they got that night. The grandstand holds 5000 people and it was packed...then down on the ground, it was like shoulder to shoulder...Got there early and still had to sit in the nosebleed section...a thousand people got turned away because of too many people....oh well..

The next concert I'm going to is Def Leppard at a much larger venue.....100 bucks a ticket for front middle section...but this is also free for me....My supervisor said one of our residents wants to go and he wants me to take him....So I said...Okay, if I really have too... :P

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Free concert coming up in August about a five minute walk from my house...Jay and the Americans with The Tokens. Barbara Harris and the Toys and the 1910 Fruitgum Company played at my towns 4th of July bash. Someday we may even move from 60's bands to 70's bands...and I don't mean average age of the band members....or maybe I do.

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