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:bow: 2000, that's insane :D

It surely is... all kind of concerts, sometimes three or four shows in one night, other times seven or ten performers in summer festivals... music seminars, tv live shows... and from 1976 till 1996 it was really crazy. I don´t know how many concerts, shows, performances in stadiums or clubs or parties or whatever I attended, but I just make a rough figure... and it might have been even 4500... :stars:

La déformation professionnelle...

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when I grow up I wanna be a groupie :cool:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It´s extremely boring... :P you have to be with the band constantly while they´re touring and partying... even rehearsing or recording sometimes. An musicians are not the funniest people on Earth when they´re not on stage.

Now, if you like to have fun and be a sort of gigolo, go ahead :laughing: :laughing:

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I didn´t really enjoy many of them anyways. It was my job to be there. Many times I was backstage. Other times, at the bar. I used to leave before the end. And many times I wished I was home with my boyfriend instead. But yes, I admit that I had a great time...

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2009, being the year of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, we were intrigued by the old geezers and veterans still left playing the circuits.

The Heroes of Woodstock came to the San Diego county fair last Friday June 12th.

Surprisingly most of them still had masterful command of their instruments and most times their voice.

Hosted by Country Joe McDonald who opened and played between band setups, we saw...

Big Brother & the Holding Company, who have a very convincing Janis clone and replicated their set at Woodstock. Very interesting and polished set.

Melanie then played about 4 songs next.

Canned Heat had Harvey Mandel on guitar and Larry Taylor on bass and "Fito" on drums.

Their best song was Let's Work Together only because they could replicate Bob

Hite's booming voice. But they failed miserable trying to replicate Al Wilson's high falsetto on Going Up the Country and On the Road Again.


Paul Kantner took the stage with David Freiberg from Quicksilver Messenger Service and a Grace Slick clone with a revised

Jefferson Starship/Airplane lineup that just had killer versions of

Somebody To Love

White Rabbitt

Eskimo Blue Day

Volunteers... among others

Kantner played the grizzley part of war torn experienced musical leader with dominating stage presence.

Just Fantastic !

All in all a great show made all the more enjoyable by finding the right usher who had the free tickets to the floor seats that allowed us to upgrade from 50th row upper tier grandstand seats to floor seats 9 rows back right center.


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Ok, Blues has given his spot on technical review ... now here's what I thought.

A truly great show altogether. These people are all over 60, so we didn't have a clue what we were going to get going in. I'd read a newspaper article which quoted Kantner as saying:

"of course this is a total whorefest, using the Woodstock name, calling us Heroes (he said, we're not heroes of anything, we're broken down musicians) and our performances as well. Except for the fact that it is the 40th anniversary, and we're all old. This may be the last time we get to play and do all this together, and the last time people get to hear this."

He was right. This show was freaking amazing. The voices may have aged obviously, and some of the bandmembers were missing, but as musicians these guys didn't miss a lick. Paul Kanter on guitar was unbelievable, as was David Frieberg, and several others. The 4 teens sitting in from of us sat with their mouths just hanging open at the guitar mastery on the stage.

The two female singers that have been enlisted to do Janis' and Grace's vocals respectivly have got them down cold, even to the stage presence.

Country Joe and Melanie gave us great performances, and spent the most time talking and reminiscing, about Woodstock, peace, love and saving the planet. It might sound silly and dated today, but coming from them it didn't, and it was good.

Purchase of the tickets also got you a free download of the concert so woohoo for that as well. If you get the chance to see this over the next few months, do it! It helps if you've got Bluesy with you .... his concert going experience got us from nosebleed to the ninth row, with the blessings and escort of more than one usher. :D

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I saw Franz Ferdinand back in April. Phenomenal!!! Just love this band and seeing them live is even better. They have such an incredible energy on stage, bouncing around and doing a little dance. I also like how they get the audience involved, singing along with several of their songs. They are absolutely amazing and couldn't have asked for a better concert experience. They are one of those bands worth seeing live. Oh, and the video they had going on in the background was great. It added so much to the show. I would definitely go see them again. Worth every penny.

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Hi Folks I went to see Simon & Garfunkel In Sydney's Acer Arena on the 23rd of June (it was my first major concert of someone famous too) man they were awesome we got a double encore which Included Bridge Over troubled Water, Ceceila, The Boxer to add to the all the other great classics they played in thru-out the night like Sounds of Silence etc, i took my Mum to see them as it was a late b/day pressi for her she loved it.

After seeing theese guys in concert has motivated me to start my own band doing simular style plus other genres of music i love eg rock, soul, Rythem & Blues (OLD School proper rocking rythem n blues like johnny lee hooker an other such legends of that genre's) and other music i love when we have somthing recorded i'll upload free tracks wish us luck ay cheers

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A day of the Ghent Jazz festival I went to:

Because my dad is a big fan of Joe Jackson, I took him with me, we had a great time together :)

Joe Jackson played a fantastic set. He played some (great) stuff from his new album 'Rain' and also some of his 'old ******* with new clothes', as he called it himself. To fit into the festival's mood, the show was very jazzy with some excellent piano pieces in all different kinds of tempos.

My rating: 8/10

Marianne Faithfull started of rather dull, playing a lot of 2nd class covers, a few old evergreens could catch the audience. Despite the leaving of some people during the concerts, she seemed to have a good time and kept us from leaving with the promise of a 'special treat for you tonight'.

My rating: 5/10

Bonus After the encores, Marianne called Joe Jackson back on stage. They did a duet where Joe played the piano and Marianne song 'don't forget me' (I can't seem to find who wrote the original song). They claimed never have done the song together (Marianne had to read the lyrics from a paper) so we felt very proud ;)

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One of my long standing dreams was to attend Bruce Springsteen concerts live. . I know all the words of his songs by heart …well he is performing this year. Next weekend I’m going to visit my sister and we will attend his Bruce concert; So I'll be analyzing as well as enjoying the concert.

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