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  1. "To Believe" - HumanLab Great summertime music.
  2. Just saw GI Joe yesterday and I'd give it 7/10. Pretty good action sequences and some funny parts.
  3. "Praises" by HumanLab Love these guys! And such a good song.
  4. Franz Ferdinand's music video for "Can't Stop Feeling."
  5. From what I know, they're going around putting on shows locally. So I'm not really sure. Sorry I couldn't be more help and getting back to you so late. Maybe if you contacted them, you could find out.
  6. Just saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I'd say 9/10. Really hilarious but the ending was ok.
  7. Just on myspace listening to "You weren't exactly a saint" by Hotpress for Leopold. Love these guys! Can never get tired listening to these guys. They just have such catchy tunes and great beats.
  8. You might be interested in Hotpress for Leopold , HumanLab , Tyler Conti , and Keaton Simons . They all have great sounds and are definitely on my radar for up-and-coming. You can listen to their music on their myspace. Hope that helps!
  9. "Black magic woman" - Fleetwood Mac or Carlos Santana (different versions, same song)
  10. "Without Your Skin" by Keaton Simons. This guys is amazing, so soulful and amazing guitarist. Definitely worth checking out his myspace.
  11. I heard about Keaton Simons and I totally agree with you, MichelleLBC. He is amazing! Absolutely incredible on the guitar and he has such an amazingly soulful voice. Love this guy. "Without Your Skin" is one of my faves!
  12. John Mayer is definitely good. Matt Bellamy (Muse) and Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand) are also really great. Somebody who is not necessarily of this generation would be Carlos Santana. Amazing is all I have to say.
  13. I saw Franz Ferdinand back in April. Phenomenal!!! Just love this band and seeing them live is even better. They have such an incredible energy on stage, bouncing around and doing a little dance. I also like how they get the audience involved, singing along with several of their songs. They are absolutely amazing and couldn't have asked for a better concert experience. They are one of those bands worth seeing live. Oh, and the video they had going on in the background was great. It added so much to the show. I would definitely go see them again. Worth every penny.
  14. Just saw The Hangover over the weekend. Hilarious!! I was laughing the whole way through and it was just insane what happen to them. And those pictures... Curious as to what they plan on doing for a sequel. 8 out of 10 stars for me.
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