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Concerts You've Attended


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I know some of us have been to more concerts than we can count, but list a few of them and your general opinion.

-Allman Brothers (twice)

-Bob Dylan

-Black Crowes (just before the break up - good show)



-Godsmack (a completely different experience for me! I'd been to many concerts but this one must have been my first official hard rock concert. Lots of flashing of devil horns and boobies. I did not do that. I did, however, crowd surf for the first {and possibly last} time) :rockon:

-Jonny Lang (so talented, but an odd venue. It was a nice sit-down theatre and the crowd was really subdued. Not what I'm used to (especially after Godsmack!)

-Kenny Wayne Sheppard Band (Halloween night 1996, I was in full kitty cat costume - great experience)

-Little River Band

-Susan Tedeschi (this girl rocks, plain and simple)

-Willie Nelson (hmmm, so far. . . 6 times, I think? I love Willie!)

-3 Doors Down

My favorite was Los Lonely Boys. They're the best live act I've ever seen - and this list isn't all-inclusive, just all I can recall at the moment!

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Here are some of the bands I've seen:

Roxy Music

Chris Isaak

David Sylvian

Rush (2 times)

Depeche Mode (3 times)

Death In June w/ Boyd Rice and friends

Duran Duran

The Pet Shop Boys

Berlin w/ The Psychedelic Furs

The Doheny Jazz And Blues Festival

There's some more, but these are the standouts from what I recall. I can't really decide which is the best I've seen, which is why I intentionally listed these bands. I've also been togigs thrown by local Garage and Punk bands :rockon:

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I love my old punks:

The Damned (10 times)

The Buzzcocks (3 times)

Dead Kennedys

Stiff Little Fingers

Stranglers (Hugh Cornwall's last tour with them)

And the great post punk 80s:

The Cure, Jesus & Mary Chain (3 times), Psychedelic Furs (3 times)

For modern bands, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are kings.

Best gigs experiences have to be my two Glastonburys (1992 and 2004)

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* Rick Springfield was my first concert

* I've seen Duran Duran in concert 6 times

* I've seen Ready for the World 4 times

* I saw Tesla and Firehouse on my first date with my husband

* The last concert I saw was Poison and Cinderella

Some other notables...


Metallica/Korn/Kid Rock


Elton John

Billy Joel

Phil Collins

Public Enemy


Keith Sweat

Robert Plant

There was a concert series that came to our town every year called "Sunset Sounds". I saw some great people there...

Ella Fitzgerald

Ray Charles

Roberta Flack

This isn't it, but I will never remember them all.

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I've seen:

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers(best one I've been to)

The Eagles

Bruce Springsteen



Billy Joel

Elton John

and I really want to see R.E.M. but that would involve me and a friend sneaking outta the house and goingn to Canada, which we are seriously considering. ::

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Well I've got this other friend who's 18, so we can get him to give us a lift, and he doesn't have to worry about a lot of crap since he's a legal adult, and lets just say that we have this one 'special' car that we bought for like 100 bucks, but it has extra *ahem* trunk space.

(In case you haven't realized, I've gone through the whole 'Let's go to Canada drill' before ::)

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