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First concert I went to to see was Chicago with my aunt.

Jackyl (me & my friend wore these cleets to this little shin dig & kicked mud everywhere, I got so pissed drunk that night I puked all over the place, on people, & in the back seat of my car, it was the worst experience I had with drinking at a show, I was still underage though smile035.gif Jessie or whatever his name was, used a chain saw as the opener, I realy couldn't dig it man, even if I was messed up

Ozzy Osbourne & Ugly Kid Joe (I?ve seen ozzy several times including the Ozzfests, he?s my most seen act) it was a partying :rockon: some crazy f**ks at the show too ; way back when upzipped flys were in :laughing:

Guns N? Roses & Metallica :rockon: - Mesa Amphitheatre May 1992 :rockon: best one in my experience, even though Axl took his sweet ass time to get on stage, I remember a bunch of people leaving after getting sick of waiting, luckily I wasn?t at the Montreal show when all HELL broke lose, damn. Not to mention Axl couldn?t really sing worth a crap & he didn?t want to take the time to sing correctly, or with the correct speed of the song, still rocked though :rockon:

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (x2) the second time around was a couple years ago with my Fiancé, so it had a specialty to it.

Megadeth (x3 :rockon: I?ll go see them for a 4th) I love Elfstein?s wailing :guitar: , at the Youthanasia show, which had a lot of local radio support, I wounded up working at a table in front of the gate!!!!!!! Coolest moment for me. I also started s**t with some dude out in the parking lot at the show in Tempe, who wanted to brawl. A whole crowd started gathering, I would?ve taken a roll of quarters wrapped up nicely in a warm rag & knocked him in the f*&*king face, you like that ?G? ? 56.gif

Nirvana in October of 1993 at Veterans Memorial Stadium for the In Utero tour, :drummer: Dave Grohl can rock those drums to make the whole house feel the impact, just too bad Kurt wasn?t the world?s best guitarist, those songs are too easy to play. it was a lot of fun though, but mostly due to the hype of the crowd

Clutch they had a bassist that could grind hard core, most memorable part

Red Hot Chili Peppers (twice, first time was better though, second time was a little too peculiar for me when they were with Dave Navaro, ugh, they introduced this ?herbal ex? at the show, craaaaaaazzzzzzzy :jester:

Lollapalooza Summer ?93 (Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, Primus, etc) $7.50 for bottled water, 4 bucks for a freakin pretzel !, what is this a mutually ridden commune? , give me a break I might as well have snuck in snacks down my pants, I don't know if I have the exact prices though; It was like this at just about every show, especially the festivals; that side-act dude with the chainsaws was pretty cool though :shades:

Green Jelly ? I went in with high hopes & no matter how much I swung my hands in the air waiting for this to rock, I was let down big time, ugh! :doh: I couldn?t identify with their material, it?s like they went unrehearsed

U2 (twice; Zooropa / Pop Mart, Style over Substance on both counts) :P

Bush (too much feedback in their guitar, and overuse of power chords, it?s almost like they were purposely not trying)

Toadies at a bar show, pretty decent too, nothing too memorable though

Rancid / some chick group (L7 / Babes in Toyland?) (I got a tampon thrown at my head while crowd surfing by that lead singer chick of this band, I also clashed with a gang of skinhead supremacists in the pit, I also had a wallet chained confiscated because it was swinging around too much, what the hell? :neener:

Lollapalooza ?95 (Cyprus Hill (only good act up there, I was stoned though), Hole, Pavement, Breeders? this concert sucked @$$, I was bored out of my mind sitting through all these crappy perpetrated guitar feedback alternative bands who thought they had a message. Beck :doh: thought he was pretty novel with his speakerphone, it annoyed everyone in the crowd 12.gif I was more in about the bud than the music though :jester:

Gin Blossoms several times, they?re local same with Meat Puppets, I really couldn?t compromise myself to enjoy this, I still want my money back for the Gin Blossoms s**t

Collective Soul hrmm.. it was standard & simple, lovely date though, I won?t be forgetting this, I keep ?December? as a reminder of my past love, also rained to trigger that effect, smile051.gif I didn?t really care too much for the show

Soundgarden (Down on the Upside) I think Chris Cornell & Ben the guitarist are onstage @$$holes, they treated their fans like s*1t, the only good stuff they played was off of Badmotorfinger

Bad Relegion Heavy mosh-pited experience, good one for a punk show :rockon:

311 man that dude cannot sing into the mic on stage, it?s like he?s talking with a strep throat, it was one of the crappiest shows I?ve seen :thumbsdown:

Goo Goo Dolls at the Arizona State Fair in 95 or 96, not bad for a cheap show, still don?t like this band though

Stone Temple Pilots -- Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 26.gif (Scott Weiland?s ambiguous act on stage made me want to puke [face sick icon] also some fat chick up on stage 36.gif for this local band was the absolute worst, I couldn't take it & she tried to pass around Jack-in-the-Box hamburgers to the audience & everyone cheers?? ::

Alice In Chains featuring KISS :rockon: in June of 96 in Kansas City (actually they were headlining, but I went to see AiC. Layne was obviously heroined out for the set, which ruined the whole show! My girlfriend stole all my crappy Kiss army merchandise I bought as souvenirs, they put up a good show though, Paul & Ace didn't fail to amaze me one bit)

Ozzfest ?96 :rockon: (Slayer, Sepultura, I think Pantera was at this one, I went in drunk, got even more drunk, then I took 3 fat rips of some dudes long bong that was partying next to me, I was baked through the whole thing, the day was too damn hot also, 110 degrees, I passed out a few times, luckily I had my lucky towel smile049.gif I think this was also the one where I tried to get my buddies to move up closer & get in the pit but they chickened out, man what 39.gif p***y

Metallica & Korn(x 2) , if you think these guys suck on record, just wait til you?ve heard them on stage :doh:, Jonathon Davis?s rampant barking screeching through the mic was a total disaster :thumbsdown: I thought it would never end & I think I got a slight case of whiplash & ear infection :rockon: for that part heh ; also Jason learn to play Battery 12.gif

Marilyn Manson (Man, this one freaked me out, and the way he talked into the microphone & made eye contact, but I was also tripping nutz :googly:)

Ozzfest ?97 (Pantera they played Domination like no ones business :rockon:, Fear Factory, Corrosion of Conformity, (I think?, I get all these Ozzfest acts mixed up, it was either at this one or the other, where I got into a fight with this tattoo?d punk, who thought he owned the whole territory, I walked up to him like Whatzup! beitch & we started brawlin?, everybody got pissed & started attacking, huge riot, I won?t forget, no never! 56.gif

Black Sabbath Reunion Tour 46.gif w/ a vengeance :rockon: Pretty expensive show though, & (I lost my boots while kicking ass in the pit) I couldn?t believe what it costs for beer, & it was like the sappiest tasting crap too, stupid cheap plastic cups 09.gif

Type O Negative twice I thought Peter Steele was going to overdose on stage, but maybe he was in a state of mind & it wasn?t anything drug related, they did a perfect job at haunting his vocals for the tune called Love You to Death

:bow: Roger Waters :bow: He still rocks for an old man, & his guitarists were amazing, the setup for Comfortbly Numb couldn?t have been more perfect, unless he had David Gilmour there, and he should?ve! :guitar: He coulda taken these 2 to school

Ozzfest ?00 (Disturbed, Kittie, Pitchshifter, Soulfly) My car got broken into & I lost my stereo 12.gif12.gif , they left the speakers though, I guess I?m partially to blame, I don?t know, other than that Disturbed Rocks, same with ½ the bands that appeared.

Queensrÿche | Iron Maiden | Judas Priest washed up show, still great though, I also lost a lot of money that night, I suppose it was a legendary metal performance, I was suitably located right next to these 50-watt Marshalls :headphones: that sent the bass woof ascending up the entire way, Ripper improvised a little on the lyrics, but it was cool

- Tool I bought tickets, but had to work that night 11.gif , so my money went to total waste, coincidently I missed A Perfect Circle also L

smile050.gif Depeche Mode ?Exciter? I had pretty good seats, just too bad I hate Indoor Venues!!! Every body I was with had this bright idea for a decorative scheme of wearing these flowered pastels 40.gif for the show, I did not follow & looked like a gothic outcast. David Gahan was a little weird too, but with the darkness of the stage, it was almost impossible to make anything out.

Matchbox 20 I got in free with the purchase of a 24 pack of Miller Lite, maybe it was Coors, smile035.gif I walked out on this one, I decided on better plans :P than this gig

Metallica & Godsmack, that dude gave me a total buzzkill with the way he sang, =:P & his backup wasn?t much of a help either, also too much corporate propaganda & Lars & James had to be their usual p**sy selves & not hardly play any of their older stuff, they also messed up one of the Puppet songs, I forget which one, I think it was THING; Kirk kicked ass still & Jason is no Cliff, I?ll say that much, I also think there was some sort of government tool placed in my beer smile035.gif

Queens of the Stone Age called in the red rockin radio show with David Pratt I think that was the show, anyways I won tickets by being the selective caller, show was pretty intact too :rockon: I?d go see this one again with a purchased ticket; hell ya? :thumbsup:

- Family Values tour with Korn & Incubus & Orgy & Rammstein & I think Limp Bizkit was on the bill ($3 bill yall) etc?. I decided not to go after buying my ticket, so I sold it to a friend at cut rate, I could?ve just as easily scalped it. I deeply regretted not going toit afterwards, damn I shoulda kept my ticket ::, I wanna see Rammstein

KMFDM I about had a nervous breakdown during this set, which was nothing to do with the show itself, still one of the best live trips I?ve been too 14.gif

Staind & Puddle of Mudd :wave: The best show I went to this decade, I don?t think it will be beatable, I was really able to comprehend the songs & angst that these guys have :thumbsup:

Lords of Acid | Trick Something??? :: Man this chick is hot & you could see her camel-toe when she?s up on stage with the lighted background & dizzying effects, perfect for taking ecstasy too =:P

Ministry | My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult the last show I went too with my buddies not long ago, not bad, but I think Al is losing it both physically & mentally

Desperately anticipating a future show by System of a Down, looking forward to Velvet Revolver & A.F.I. if they do any shows soon, :thumbsup: I?d love to go see The White Stripes, & maybe Trapt & Breaking Benjamin or Audioslave, oh & Lamb of God; too bad Ozzfest was cancelled here this year, that could?ve been a hell of a show.

I can?t believe I missed this thread, :doh: I thought I posted in here months ago. I listed every decent show I?ve been too over the past 18 years or so in order I think, I?ve also been to some pretty gay concerts, mostly in the 80?s though, I also have been to several country acts that I wasn?t too proud of, & many shows I was dragged too or unexcitingly convinced or accompanied by friends who had talked me into going. I?m not sure if I have every band right, I?m pretty sure I have many of these bands mixed up in there, & concerts I forgot to include, not to mention all the Local crap I?ve been to, but I don?t remember all their names. None of these shows were anything spectacular, but still a good night of having fun, I really didn't care what band it was or what songs they played. I think the best part came during the after parties, of cruising around & getting slammed. Anyways, enough of my drunken rambling post about the past; I need to get to sleep. 24.gif

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God must hate me. I am one of those people that feels like an [bleep] turning down an offer, and I just got invited to a James Taylor and Dixie Chix concert. The James Taylor part is ok.. But man, I don't know what to do. I don't want the Dixie Chix to be my first concert. I don't even really want to attend a Dixie Chix concert ever really. And what's more, it's the Vote For Change tour. So I don't know what to do.

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Yesterday night I´ve been to a concert of a local band, they were OK, only the sound mix was awfull and I could fell the bass knocking on my stomach... That reminds me of a Van Halen concert I´ve been some 10 or 15 years ago. The sound was SO LOUD I had to put cotton in my ears. Then my friend realized that most of the people of the audience were wearing eraplugs. I´ve been to hundreds of concerts and maybe more, but it´s the only time I saw fans with earplugs.

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My mom fills a cooking pot with dog feces everytime she tries to make chili.

In some cultures, they actually eat that crap as a remedy. It's believed that it cures signs of stress & allows the mind to focus on privileged thoughts...

... such as

... I just ate dog turds :laughing:

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CD, the 'I don't think' bit was an accident for which I apologise. I started typing something else, stopped and forgot I left half a sentence.

Good to see you back though. The 'pure mutated dog sh*t' comment was inspirational and will keep me warm all day!

Your take on Politics is wonderful. Put Kerry into any European political party and he would be a Conservative. As he is seen as the 'Liberal' way in the US, most Americans therefore are right wing in their views. Keep up the good work.


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