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  1. TheCyberdemon

    Calling all Kiss Fans.

    Calling all, KISS fans, welcome home
  2. TheCyberdemon

    Lesser known great guitarists

    East Bay Ray.
  3. TheCyberdemon

    Grammy Award Nominations - 2005

    Who cares, it's all rigged.
  4. TheCyberdemon

    School Of Rock Blackboard

    I saw my favorite band DK. But, where the hell was Depeche Mode? You can't have YES without Depeche Mode.
  5. TheCyberdemon

    Should I laugh at this?

    When I went up to New York, my mom got called aside for the exact same screening. She wasn't even embarassed. Hell, I felt more embarassed because I had to take my plated belt off, and hold my pants up going through the detectors. Besides no one said she had to get on the airplane. She could have put her Nikes on and got some exercise.
  6. TheCyberdemon

    What CDs do you have in your Car right now ?

    Tomorrow: DropKick Murphy - Do or Die
  7. TheCyberdemon

    What CDs do you have in your Car right now ?

    The Distillers - Sing Sing Death House Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning Tomorrow: Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
  8. TheCyberdemon

    One favourite band

    Who saw that coming?
  9. TheCyberdemon

    One favourite band

    Easily the Dead Kennedys. A grooowwwing booooyyyy needs his lunch!
  10. TheCyberdemon

    Help Us Out

    It wouldn't work for me Windy, I suppose when I actually get the pics off of my camera, we can swap or something.
  11. TheCyberdemon

    Help Us Out

    Sara, I hope you couldn't be that manly.
  12. TheCyberdemon


    As they play more and more of their flashbacks, it's playing out like they in purgatory for their sins. After all, the hobbit guy definitely deserves to be there, because he did vote for Kerry after all.
  13. TheCyberdemon

    more 90's alternative rock songs, please

    The only thing Alternative about Rancid, is their sexuality. If you want Alternative, go with the King; Beck.
  14. TheCyberdemon

    Introduce and Frapper Map yourself here

    Speaking of which here's a tribute I did.
  15. TheCyberdemon

    Introduce and Frapper Map yourself here

    I used to have the chorus from Do The Slag as my sig. Then again, I doubt you're all hardcore on the Kennedys, and that I've lost you. I also use lines from Goons of Hazard as my profile.