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  1. I want to save the Earth, but this is written on a piece of paper. Blue ink between blue lines, that's all I need To think freely I love climbing trees, and I don't want to cut them down But the axe is all that keeps money in this town now I don't want to carve stone 'cause that stays forever Don't want to draw in sand 'cause that's kicked away Don't want to burn wood 'cause I'll burn my finger A feather and inkwell are all I need to say what I have to say... I'll bike instead of drive and eat local vegetables All in the name of keeping Antarctica cold... for the penguins Bu
  2. Jacob's Dream - Alison Krauss. Atmospheric man.
  3. Hey all. it's been a while. If you like, check these two solo guitar pieces of mine out. Nothing fancy on the site, just the mp3s available for streaming and enjoyment. Recorded at the push of a button and some unnecessary fiddling at the radio station I work at. www.purevolume.com/danielgillis Please let me know what you think.
  4. Did she play any of her acoustic stuff?
  5. This album is a fantastic surprise. I really thought Plant was done. I heard Gone Gone Gone on MUCHMUSIC of all things (Canada's MTV). I was blown away. Their voices compliment each other perfectly. They trade between melody and harmony effortlessly. You still get those famous Robert Plant wails, and a TIGHT band. Great album!
  6. Lately I have seen Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau David Francey Andrew White All incredivble concerts, but Pat Metheny has to be the greatest musical genius ever to walk the earth
  7. Band/Artist:Michael Hedges Song: Aerial Boundaries
  8. I'm looking for everyones favorite music to listen to while studying, or writing an essay, or anything that requires concentration. Please help!
  9. In the court of the crimson KIIIINGGGGGG I think the album is fantastic, everything about it is great. Robert Fripp is a genius.
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