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  1. Hello, This is my NYC based folk project. It's loud, fast, and uses lots and lots of different musical tricks. Appalachian melodies, jazz hooks, acoustic metal breaks, and far-eastern harmonies. Anyway, I'm promoting it everywhere I possibly can, here's a kickstarter where you can buy the new album. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mylia/zack-orion-and-the-ardeshir-mountain-boys-debut-al and here's one of the singles. http://soundcloud.com/a440static/love-is-the-rounder
  2. Bill Hicks and David Cross are my two personal faves. I prefer David Cross tho, even tho his stand up is really hicks-esque, where Cross wins is that he is pretty much laugh your tukus off hilarious every second, whereas Hicks can sometimes take a turn to the mystical for way too long Tho no one can scream and rant like Hicks. Also, Cross is a bit more varied in his abilities, Mr. Show is da best. Oh, and props to Patton Oswalt
  3. Good American culture= www.myspace.com/machinegoboom (this band is quite lovely by the way) Bad America= www.getsnuggie.com
  4. All of Andrew Bird's whistling is excellent
  5. I dunno, I think there are plenty of talented female musicians out there, just depends on where you look- Khaki King, Kim Gordon, Kim Deal, Karen O, Feist and more. And yeah, a couple on that list are singers, but I'm not sure why we would disqualify singers from the list- as generally the singer is one of the more important parts of a band, no? Oh, and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, his bass player(Joanna something, I always forget her last name) and Janet Weiss on drums.
  6. And Kings of Leon are on the best rock album list! ?? First off, the new KoL album is nowhere near A-ha Heartbreak, secondly, the new KoL is just a poor-man's Evil Urges AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGH
  7. I mean, holy beelzebub And now, for your listening pleasure, Grammy award nominated.....musician.... KID ROCK! How is that a contender for best rock ALBUM? as in, a whole collection of songs? In fact, how are any of those ALBUMS up for best ALBUM? As even the best of those have maybe four listenable songs KID ROCK? How about Stephen Malkmus' Real Emotional Trash? How about MMJ's Evil Urges? (oh wait, that's in best 'alternative' album... what the hell does 'alternative' even mean anymore?) How is Evil Urges even remotely alternative? I listened to that and thought that it was one of the great rock guitar albums... ever, along with Real Emotional Trash What is it that separates Evil Urges from rock? I mean it's loud, it's occasionally fast, sometimes slow, but always ROCKing, BLAH! BLAH!
  8. Quintuple barf. And the academy wonders why no one watches these things anymore. The only things that even belong anywhere near an award on that list are Zappa plays Zappa and Mars Volta.
  9. Well I could care less about both Coldplay and Satriani, but I'll weigh in on this one. First off, on that video the poster writes that the 'chord progression is the same' well that's the first problem with the argument, as chord progressions are un-copyright-able, and it is a common practice (especially in jazz) for someone to take someone's chord progression and just write something new on top. Now, the melody so, they match up on the words 'Rule the world' Coldplay's pickup notes 'If I could' don't fit in with the satriani at all, and then Satriani and Coldplay share common notes here and there, but not in succession. So, we have three notes in sequence First off, I'm pretty sure that standard melody copyright tradition holds that a melody needs to follow 5 or 6 notes exactly, but I'm not sure. But I am 97% sure that it is more than 3. Seriously, it's just three notes. I bet that if I went thru my collection I could find a buttload of songs that use those three notes, so Satriani better back off before he finds himself in a heaping steaming pile of irony. If he honestly believes that this is plaigerism and not coincidence, then my respect for Joe as a musician has plummeted even further, it just proves him to be a 'noodler' who just fiddles around in a cage position until he pops out a 'melody' If this goes further we should look at some more nuanced stuff such as arrangement and timbre, in which there are clear differences between the two songs. Now, that's me weighing in, but if this were to go in front of a judge... the chance of a ruling in Satriani's favor is high, as a judge is not a musicologist, but a judge, and since the question of a matter of the three notes near the beginning (take notice that Coldplay has two tones preceding the tones in question.......) he could make the mistake of calling the song a breach of copyright. This would set a dangerous precedent for musicians and composers, because if we're not allowed to occaisionally have three tones the same as another song... then we're gonna run out of stuff to write quite fast. (I'm not saying that we should just go around grabbing three notes on purpose, but on occasion, that's gonna happen.)
  10. ...And Led Zep fans will continue to ignore Sonic Youth.....
  11. Maybe it's because Chinese Democracy is exceptionally bad, even by Guns 'N' Roses/Hair Metal standards.
  12. Edit the Sad Parts is an amazing song, especially considering how... not very good it is (listen to the... 'drummer') Moon and Antarctica is a modern classic, 3rd Planet is one of those songs that grabs ya from the opening notes. I'd really give any of their stuff a shot, even Sad Sappy Sucker has some pretty awesome moments. I'm not the biggest Before the Ship Even Sank fan, it has some really great songs, but it also has some of Modest Mouse's lowest (non lo-fi related) moments Good News was the first time that they had to focus down into songs (whereas on earlier releases you'll find 45 second songs to 8-10 minute ones) that are of 'radio friendly' length, which kind of hurt that whole ramshackle vibe that was on all the previous MM releases-which I found charming, but on the other hand helped Brock to be more cohesive in his songwriting. Ocean Breathes Salty is the best example of this new 'disciplined' sound helping a lot whereas I'd say songs like "Blame it On the Tetons" and "One Chance" could have benefited from a 4 minute plus fuzzed out lo-fi guitar symphony. As far as passing judgment on Before the Ship Sank tho, I kind of think of it as the first album as a new band, as it is the first release and effort with Johnny Marr playing and writing, so maybe it will get better, maybe it will get worse, maybe it's just changing into a style that I don't enjoy as much as the old stuff, but will be found enjoyable by others.
  13. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28036793
  14. woo boy America sure does love jailbait You and Stephen Baldwin both buddy!
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