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  1. I'm loving this album. Better than their debut, imo edit: maybe that's not fair, the two are good in different ways
  2. I went downtown yesterday to see Girl Talk at one of the free concerts, and I went early to hang out and watch the hockey game. It was amazing just being there, a roar would run through the whole downtown area anytime Canada scored. Girl Talk was also pretty awesome too, and free. As much as I wasn't keen on having the olympics here, I'm really enjoying them.
  3. Kinda resuscitating this thread, but I saw Girl Talk last night at one of the free olympic concerts. He was great- there was a brilliant moment at the end where the music stopped and then out of the silence came the piano from "Tiny Dancer". Ending with that just made my night.
  4. Great interview, he's a very entertaining guy.
  5. she was meeting him at a motel room and she thought he wasn't involved with anyone else???
  6. hmmm there might be a lot of uses for "meta" but as far as I know benzene is always a chemical.
  7. I dunno about rating or anything, but that just doesn't make any sense chemically.
  8. Your scathing critique was hindered by your misspelling of the word "grammar". 6/10.
  9. That is an excellent bunch of albums, Tim.
  10. I certainly went through a phase of that.
  11. hahah someone made a Rorschach test quiz on facebook a few weeks ago. I remember seeing "5 of your friends took the Rorschach test! Take it now and compare results". I LOL'd.
  12. Schizophrenia is a type of psychosis, so someone with PPP could certainly experience schizophrenic symptoms. Infanticide is also a recognized symptom of PPP. There seemed to be a lot of bloodlust in reaction to this. My first thought was just that the woman was completely batsh*t. It is very unfortunate that the baby was killed, but before we call for her execution (or punishment of any kind) it should be determined whether she was, in fact, suffering from postpartum psychosis.
  13. so true no trip is complete without Pink Floyd
  14. I like some of the songs on it, so-so about others. But Side 2 is great.
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