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  1. i don't really know the lyrics to this song (or the name for that matter), but i know the chorus goes: "i could be...(some-thing), or i could be....(something-something). it's probably a fairly new song since i hear it all the time on the radio at work. does anyone know what the name of this song is or who it's by?? thanks
  2. i just downloaded it today after finally giving up on winmx. i had been trying to find a song on winmx for the past few days, and whenever i'd find it, it never downloaded it. i found the song i wanted after installing limewire, and it downloaded in 15 minutes. i was very impressed. i shut my computer down, and went about my day. well, earlier this evening, i tried to download some more. but now, limewire's search engine isn't finding anything! even the song i downloaded earlier. why is this happening??? i uninstalled limewire, then reinstalled it, restarted my computer, and tried again with no avail. please help me here. i'm about fed up with downloading music.
  3. i admit, i'm not too familiar with any of their songs. i don't seek out the cds, don't know any names, but i do know that when i hear some of their songs i like them. even before i know it's them. so i'm thinking i need to educate myself in dave matthews. some good song to check out for a newbie would be excellent. also, i do remember one of their videos quite vividly. but i can't for the life of me remeber the name of the song, or even the chorus to it. the video was with that guy in the trucker hat with the mullet going around randomly distributed hugs to stangers throughout the day. please! help me with the name of this one!!! i'd really like to download it. the video always made me happy. it's one of my personal happy songs.
  4. i can't remember any of the other lyrics to this songs, but at one point he says, "it would take a pound to roll a joint for you." or something to that effect. any ideas? thanks.
  5. i believe the name of the song is "what's up" by four nonblondes, but for some reason, winmx is being an ass and chosing not to find it when i do a search. am i possibly spelling the name of the band wrong? i.e. could it be 4 non-blondes or four non-blondes. or of course, there is a chance that winmx just plain sucks. thanks anyway.
  6. ok. the title is kind of vague. what i'm looking for are songs you would compile into a cd for someone you have a thing for but also happens to be in a present...kind of shaky relationship. see what i'm going for here? thanks!
  7. every now and then, you just NEED a few songs to unwind at the end of the day. whether you had a hectic and chaotic day, restless and unbearable, or exhilerating and perfect. as of late, i am in dire need songs like this. they can be from any genre, artist, language, and era; they can be about love, closure, despair, resolution or other. and again, thanks in advance.
  8. i want to make a cd with loud, crazy, wild, obnoxious type songs and any suggestions would help. so far i have: 1. mindless self indulgence "ultra sex" 2. crystal method "born too slow" 3. dmx "party up" 3. ciara "goodies" so any genre will suffice. thanks!
  9. ok, i think this was a popular song not too long ago. the only words i can think of right now are: "...built a paradise and put up a parking lot." thanks again,
  10. i posted about this the other day. i was wondeing what the name of the song was at the end. it sounds like it might be by simon and garfunkel, and someone suggested "Bookends Theme," but that wans't it. thanks.
  11. i found this site when i was doing a search for 90's alternative rock songs. i was wondering if anyone had anymore wonderfullly, nostalgic 90's songs. aside from the obvious, i.e: Smells like Teen Spirit, Closer, Chumbawama, etc. I was thinking more along the lines of early to mid 90's. i'm making a 90's cd and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. if anyone's seen commercials for The Buzz, those are the kind of songs i'd like. thanks again! xoxox
  12. i just downloaded "What I Got" tonight and i love it. which is why i'd like to hear more. thanks for the reply. i'll check these songs out
  13. what are some good sublime songs i should check out? thanks
  14. the only one i can think of is "Untouchable Face" by Ani Difranco... it's more for women, though but the lyrics are still awesome.
  15. two questions: do i still need to run spyware if i uninstalled it? if so, how do i do that? thanks
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