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Concerts You've Attended


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Wow, I know its been over 100 maybe 200. I've seen the good the bad and the ugly.

My first was Van Halen w/David Lee Roth, what a way to start.

Other hi-lites:

Rolling Stones (Syracuse 1989)

Eagles (2003)

Aerosmith (4 times in the 80's)


U2 (Joshua Tree Tour 1987)

Smashing Pumpkins (3 times)

Red Hot Chili Peppers (disappointing)

Joe Walsh (solo, w/Glen Frey, and w/Eagles)

Robert Plant w/Stevie Ray Vaughan opening (1988)


David Lee Roth solo (twice)

Van Halen w/ Sammy (1986)

Tesla (3 times) once w/ Def Leppard

Matthew Sweet (3 times)

Barenaked Ladies (4 times)

Frank Black (twice)


Foreigner (2), Tragically Hip (3), Cheap Trick.... umm and others I just can't remember.

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I've only attended a handful of concerts. :(

My first was Huey Lewis and the News when they played a local fair back in '97 or '98.

Second was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Steve Earle on the Anthology tour at what was then called The Sacramento Valley Ampitheater (now called The Sleep Train Ampitheater)

Third was Creed with Collective Soul and Full Devil Jacket (got lost on the way and missed all of FDJ's set and most of Collective Soul's)on their Human Clay tour at Sacramento Valley Amp.

Fourth was Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts at the Filmore in San Francisco for their Bastard Life or Clarity tour. (What an odd show. First they had an aboriginal dancer come out, then a roadie told some jokes, then Danielle Spencer- now Russell Crowe's wife- did a set, then the band played)

Fifth was Fleetwood Mac at the Arco Arena in Sacramento for their Say You Will Tour.

Sixth was Fleetwood Mac at the Oakland Arena for their Say You Will Tour

Seventh was Fleetwood Mac at the Sleep Train Ampitheater for their Say You Will tour.

I have eighth row tickets for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with The Black Crowes for Aug 24th at The Sleep Train and I can't wait!

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I saw Styx and Reo the other night....Styx rocked the place, they were really good, very energetic, and entertaining!...REO was also good, but they did not play as long as Styx did....Styx had a guest guitarist from the 60's come out and play with them...I think the last name was Picarro...

does anyone know who this is???? let me know thanks

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Eric Clapton with Mark Knopfler(Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens 1989). - Awesome. Both played together onstage the whole time.

Aerosmith/Cheap Trick - Toronto's CNE 1987

John Fogerty/John Mellencamp - Calgary 2005

Fleetwood Mac - Calgary 2004

John Mellencamp - Calgary 1993

Yes - Regina 1979

Dire Straits - Calgary 1992

Bonnie Raitt - Toronto

Rick Wakeman - Regina

BTO - twice

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Anne Murray - twice


Ted Nugent/The Scorpions/The Pat Travers Band - Regina 1978

Dionne Warwick

Hoyt Axton

BB King

George Thorogood

April Wine

Kenny Rogers


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Our town hosts an outdoor concert series every sunday night in the summers called Graville Green. I can't remember past 2002, but I'll list some notables

Wave (not good but more known)


Matt Mays & El Torpedo

Lenny Gallant

Jimmy Rankin

Great Big Sea


And now I'll get to ones I payed money for :P

Default (Calgary Stampede) not too bad a show

Sum 41/Treble Charger -Sum 41 headlined, but treble charger was far better, still not good for anything but moshing.

Australian Pink Floyd- Unbelieveable show, I would have thought it was them if I hadnt known better. They had everything down to mthe last note. And the stage was unbelieveable, at the end they blew up the giant . . . . . . . . . . . . . KANGAROO

April Wine- Good show, ot in the same league as the aussies, a bit burnt out, and not so good to begin with, but they put a good show on.

Joel Plaskett twice

ACOUSTIC SHOW- In may, I was speechless, he captivated everyone in the audience, he alone, with an acoustic guitar and a microphone, entranced everyone there, I could not get over how he could do it. His openers were amazing too.

ELECTRIC SHOW- 3 months later, the best show I have ever seen by far. Aussies had nothing on him. With his band the Emergency, it was perfect, anyone who has a chance to see him, do it.

yeah not many eh, pity im 14

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I've seen so many concerts and at the time I would always say this is the best!! Well...that changes, I have seen some that just stick with me all the time...

Bruce - 5 times

Don Henley - Inside Job Tour

lost it when he sang Wasted Time

Southside Johnny - 3 times

Tom Petty - 3 hours of standing and rockin'!

Those ones pop into my head right away. But I love the others too. I can't imagine life without concerts!!

:guitar: :drummer:

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Laurie, that would have been amazing. Los LOnely Boys with the Stones was pretty amazing. The little I knew of them, I thought they had an awfully Santana-ish sound(a little more bluesy maybe).

Anyway, Sammy we are waiting......How the Heck were your concerts?????? I want to compare notes!!

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Coldplay (twice)

Cowboy Junkies

Aimee Mann

Jethro Tull

Neil Young

Allman Brothers (too many times)

King's X (4 times)

Paul McCartney

James Taylor (also too many times)

10,000 Maniacs

The Rolling Stones

Radiohead (early on, in a small club - awesome!)

Plenty in my teens that I'm too embarassed to mention.

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I'll pass.

OK, the first concert I ever went to was the "Monsters Of Rock" tour - Van Halen, Metallica, Scorpions, Dokken, Kingdom Come.

I followed that with Bon Jovi/Skid Row and Poison/Lita Ford/Britny Fox.

Now nobody will respect me...I was 13, and there were lots of boobies to be seen. Good excuse?

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Here's my list, das. I'm waiting for your ridicule and disdain...do not fail me.

* Rick Springfield was my first concert

* I've seen Duran Duran in concert 6 times

* I've seen Ready for the World 4 times

* I saw Tesla and Firehouse on my first date with my husband

* The last concert I saw was Poison and Cinderella

Some other notables...


Metallica/Korn/Kid Rock


Elton John

Billy Joel

Phil Collins

Public Enemy


Keith Sweat

Robert Plant

There was a concert series that came to our town every year called "Sunset Sounds". I saw some great people there...

Ella Fitzgerald

Ray Charles

Roberta Flack

This isn't it, but I will never remember them all.

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OK, but I'm feeling off my game. Asterisked ones, in sequence.

1. And you still went to another one after that?

2. Is your name "Ricky Stratton"?

3. That is most troubling.

4. Surely there was some disturbing nookie after that.

5. Nice bookend. Die.

I saw Elton John, too. I'd love to see Prince, Ella and Ray. But at least 2 of those ain't gonna happen. And please tell me that Public Enemy and Phil Collins were the same show.

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1. Rick Springfield helped guide the tender, young Miss Peaches through puberty, thank you very much.

2. The fact that you can reference Ricky Stratton is a testament to your own dorkiness.

3. I have no defense for that whatsoever.

4. The disturbing nookie is the best kind, don't you think?

5. I had the most fun at that one, I think. There was nothing but a sea of middle aged mullets. It was a breathtaking sight.

I just realized Sammy never made fun of me for seeing Phil Collins. Bring it on. :grin:

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