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Concerts You've Attended


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I've only been to one concert, and that was Carlos Santana. I don't really listen to his music much, but there's no denying he's one of the best guitarists. It was pretty cool, he played all the classics, and hardly anything new. Also, there was a good 20 minute drum solo. I would like to go to more concerts, but most of my favorite bands have either dead members, or incredibly high ticket prices, or scalpers that take all the tickets, and then sell them for a higher price. I might go to a White Stripes concert this year though. I'm pretty sure they're still alive and well.

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In no particular order:

Bowie and the Spiders

Queen (10 times..I need a life)


Led Zep

Neil Young


Thin Lizzy

Robin Trower

Rory Gallagher

Ten Years After




Pat Benatar


Elvis Costello


Cheap Trick

Rick Derringer

Leslie West

Leo Sayer (I know, I know)

Dan Fogelberg

John Denver

Gary Puckett and The Union Gap

Stevie Ray Vaughan


Johnny Winter

BB King

Buddy Guy

Junior Wells

James Cotton

Gov't Mule

Charlie Daniels


Elton John

Billy Joel

Pink Floyd

David Bromberg

The Eagles

Ted Nugent

Southside Johnny

Mick Ronson

Roy Buchanan

Iggy Pop

Peter Frampton

Jewel (warm up for Neil Young)

Indigo Girls (warm up Neil Young)

There's more I'm sure, but the brain is saying "go home"

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haha Ron, it's usually the good concerts that you cant remember!!!!

Ok I'll try to list mine

my very first concert was Donny Osmond...(hey i was 8yrs old)

Peter Frampton

Outlaws 3 times, my boyfriend at the time was into them

Rush 3 times, also because of boyfriend





Crosby Stills Nash

Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Jefferson Starship

David Bowie

Head East


Tom Petty

Black Crowes

Eddie Money/Santana/Rolling Stones.....WAS THE BEST OF THEM ALL!!!!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Was suppose to see Def Leppard but something came up and we could not go :(

oh a few more i just thought of

The Cars

Bob Seger


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I've only been to one concert, and that was Carlos Santana.

Santana was my first concert at 17, in 1973.

I already posted a list about how many concerts I attended, and there´s too much to list again. I might have seen 1500,more or less.

RonJon, you have a good memory! And great music background! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Alice Cooper

Ted Nugent



Judas Priest


Motley Crue




Joan Jett

The Kinks

Huey Lewis

Joe Walsh

Meat Loaf

Eddie Money

Cheap Trick

Herman's Hermits

Twisted Sister


The Beach Boys

The Who

Drivin' N Cryin'

ZZ Top

George Thorogood



Neil Diamond


Alan Jackson

Toby Keith

Phil Vasser

Montgomery Gentry

Alison Krauss

Carolyn Dawn Johnson

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I found an enveloppe with old backstages yesterday, it was in the bottom of a suitcase... Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bob Dylan, Elton John, U2, Ultravox, REM... I can´t even remember these concerts!! I guess that my real concerts were those I attended as part of the audience, even if I had free tickets, but not as a journalist... then you can see and listen, when you´re there with the "know-it-alls" you´re always at the bar and don´t even pay attention to what´s on stage.

I still would love to see Neil Young live... and Bob Seger.

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me too, i still have invitation from parties i went to when i was like 7!

my friend and i used to tear articles on bands that we like out of magazines from the library, we even stole two copies of the same issue of rolling stone. so i collecetd all the articles in a folder and i keep the ticket stubs with the article on the appropriate mucisian (yes i'm a bit of freak)

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That´s not being a bit of a freak, it´s just normal. I had a house full of magazines, reviews, souvenirs, etc. I had to throw 90% of it when I moved as I didn´t have room for that much nostalgia, but I still have some stuff.

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i keep all the ticket stubs from gigs i've been to! i love reminiscing!

Me too, and in chronological order:



The Damned (x2)

Primal Scream (x2)

The Stranglers


The Vines

Super Furry Animals


Sex Pistols

Hundred Reasons

Manic Street Preachers (x6)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs (x8)

Jimmy Cliff

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The White Stripes

Paul McCartney

Kinesis (x4)

Radiohead (x3)

Queens Of The Stone Age

Muse (x2)

Electric Six

XFM Benefit Concert (The Music, The Cooper Temple Clause, Fran Healy, Graham Coxon, McAlmont & Butler)

The Distillers

Arthur Lee

Franz Ferdinand (x2)


PJ Harvey (x4)

Morrissey (x2)

Mercury Rev


Australian Pink Floyd

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You're probably right there.

I note you've seen Pulp live though, saw them at Reading festival where they were fantastic but haven't actually been to a Pulp concert, hopefully I will in the future after their 'sabatical'. Superb band.

When did you see them?

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I've seen a LOT of concerts. Nirvana, Rush, Primus, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Soundgarden, Tool, White Zombie, Chili Peppers, Metallica... Seen many of these bands many times, and many more... too many to list. But none compared to Pink Floyd... I saw them 2 times on the 94 Division Bell tour, and the greatness of those shows have never been surpassed, until Saturday. I was in Hyde Park, and I witnessed the greatness firsthand, and without commercial interruption... I am one lucky MFer... Pink Floyd is the greatest band ever and the fact that I saw them, complete again, that I can die a happy man, well, it makes it easy to deal with being broke and having maxxed credit cards. :thumbsup:

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The first concert I attended was The Lovin' Spoonful. I was about 11 or 12 and my parents took me. They had the good etiquitte not to sit with me! LOL But I was mortified that my Daddy actually liked it! So to continue not in strict chronological order my memory not being what it once was (anyone else old enough to remember the smoke filled arenas?)

Lovin' Spoonful

The Byrds

The Standells

Paul Revere and the Raiders

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap

The Association

The Monkees (x2 - twenty years apart)

ZZ Top x3

Santana x3

The Doobie Brothers

T Rex

Wet Willie

Head East

Moody Blues (AWESOME)

Joe Walsh

James Gang


Robin Trower

Grateful Dead - the were drunk/wasted - worst concert I have ever seen

Electric Light Orchestra

Joe Cocker

Bad Company

Commander Cody

Asleep at the Wheel

Paul McCartney

The Rolling Stones :rockon:

Earth, Wind and Fire


Eric Clapton :rockon:

Bob Dylan with The Band

Marshall Tucker Band

James Gang

I am sure I left out many. In the 70's there was a great concert in Houston almost every weekend and tickets were cheap in those days. We paid over $100/ticket the last time we saw the Stones in 2003 and worth every penny!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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Okay should I start from my first concert?

The Osmonds (I'm showing my age)

David Cassidy (I was so in love)

Kansas ( Don't remember much of that one)

Def Leppard ( At least twice)

Yes ( They are great!) I think I saw them twice

Lynard Skynard (pretty crazy)

Rod Stewart ( Saw him probably at least 8 times. He is

a showman.)

Saw a Rod Stewart impersonator Rob Hanna he was really good.

George Michael

Michael Bolton ( I was in my mellow faze. My boyfriend fell asleep

Smokey Robinson ( My boyfriend was mad he only likes the song "Tears of a Clown" and he didn't sing it)

New Kids On The Block (took my daughter to see them it was her first concert

Hootie and the Blowfish (2)

Live (They were great)

Puddle Of Mudd (kind of disapointing lead singer seemed out of it.) They played with Nickleback they were good.

No Doubt with Blink 182



Default and Goo Goo Dolls

Huey Lewis and the News( they were at our State Fair last year. They are good.)

I'm sure there are more just can't think right now. We have been getting alot of good bands at our State Fair lately. Also one of the radio stations here has a thing every year on the river and they have at least 5 bands.

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