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  1. Dont poke your eye, you might go blind
  2. Respectable ~ Mel and Kim
  3. Let me go and see what i can find
  4. as it got a for sale sign
  5. the cat just purred as the dog went woof
  6. Aww aint it sweet when your missed?
  7. was it a year .. has it been that long?
  8. i know im not here much now, had a few problems with my hubby's health, and now he has to go back into hospital for another operation ,i just pray this time everything will be ok i would also like to pray for a friend who went to a girls aid, as she was being mugged by a large gang of teens, the result of that is he ended up being stabbed 6 times and is now on a life support machine with not much hope for him
  9. Cities in dust ~~ Soiuxsie and the Banshees
  10. suttie

    Song Game II

    Eat the rich ~~~ Aerosmith
  11. Yellow road of Texas ~~~ Mitch Miller
  12. Well im a rabbit and you know what rabbits like to do ?
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