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  1. From Oakland, California, comes an alternative rock band with Epitaph called "The Matches." Now, with a label like Epitaph, you can be enormous (like Gallows or The Higher or Motion City Soundtrack) or get burnt and have nobody know who you are. The Matches are part of the latter. I'm here to spread the message. They're an interesting genre, their first installment "E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals" is a fast paced pop-punk album. Their second installment, "Decomposer," however.... you'll here punk rock, hard rock, metal, and even a bit of techno. Take a listen. http://myspace.com/thematches
  2. Then we went Down in Mexico and grabbed Two Pina Coladasthen I Fought the Law when you all killed a man and said Ha Ha, You're Dead and then we were Calling Baton Rouge where we started Burning Bridges
  3. 8:53 PM April 3rd WOW! Lucky, you're a month behind me?
  4. If my name were Lutheran, I would be nicknamed Luth.
  5. Self explanitory! And go! 10:54 am, April 3rd.
  6. Because then I would have to operate on K-Fed!
  7. When I grow up, I will be a paramed!
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