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  1. I was in the crowd in Hyde Park and didn't notice that until I got back home. I couldn't hear what Roger was saying over the screaming... Wish You Were Here was still great with Roger and Dave together...
  2. I've seen a LOT of concerts. Nirvana, Rush, Primus, Pearl Jam, Green Day, Soundgarden, Tool, White Zombie, Chili Peppers, Metallica... Seen many of these bands many times, and many more... too many to list. But none compared to Pink Floyd... I saw them 2 times on the 94 Division Bell tour, and the greatness of those shows have never been surpassed, until Saturday. I was in Hyde Park, and I witnessed the greatness firsthand, and without commercial interruption... I am one lucky MFer... Pink Floyd is the greatest band ever and the fact that I saw them, complete again, that I can die a happy man, well, it makes it easy to deal with being broke and having maxxed credit cards.
  3. I am one lucky MFer. I happened to have some money when I found out about the reunion of PINK FLOYD. I got plane tickets, hotel, rush passports, and tickets to the show for about $4000. I can't describe what I felt as I saw them play... There simply arent words in the english language for that kind of blissecstacyjoylove. The entire day was magical, and London was an incredibly cool city. Five days ago I had a beer in a pub right where a bus blew up today... I'm sure the love that was around there last weekend is now gone, and I curse the bastards for that... I will never forget my trip to the promised land... I was there, and witnessed the pigs fly, the greatest event ever, that I never believed could happen. That makes it easier to deal with being broke and having maxxed credit cards.
  4. I am flying to London tomorrow, without a ticket, in hopes to see this show. I drove from Seattle to Vancouver to see Floyd in 94' and they were incredible. I have a tattoo on my back from the Wall movie... I've seen a million concerts, but none as good as Pink Floyd. To have a chance to see them with Roger Waters... I have to try... I may get beaten and arrested for jumping the fence at Hyde Park, but then again I might get in... Wish me luck! :-) :guitar:
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