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  1. Edna, I believe you have a Mac so could you explain how this works for me, a fellow Mac user. I am not understanding how to obscure the name. I do not have a photoshop application that I know of. I understand how to host the pic, etc. I just don't understand the "paint" application. My computer is pretty new BTW. Thanks
  2. The first concert I attended was The Lovin' Spoonful. I was about 11 or 12 and my parents took me. They had the good etiquitte not to sit with me! LOL But I was mortified that my Daddy actually liked it! So to continue not in strict chronological order my memory not being what it once was (anyone else old enough to remember the smoke filled arenas?) Lovin' Spoonful The Byrds The Standells Paul Revere and the Raiders Gary Puckett and the Union Gap The Association The Monkees (x2 - twenty years apart) ZZ Top x3 Santana x3 The Doobie Brothers T Rex Wet Willie Head East Moody Blues (AWESOME) Joe Walsh James Gang Yes Robin Trower Grateful Dead - the were drunk/wasted - worst concert I have ever seen Electric Light Orchestra Joe Cocker Bad Company Commander Cody Asleep at the Wheel Paul McCartney The Rolling Stones Earth, Wind and Fire Chicago Eric Clapton Bob Dylan with The Band Marshall Tucker Band James Gang I am sure I left out many. In the 70's there was a great concert in Houston almost every weekend and tickets were cheap in those days. We paid over $100/ticket the last time we saw the Stones in 2003 and worth every penny! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
  3. I have been rebuilding my 50's song library ever since I got ITunes! My mother sold all my and my sister's 45's in a garage sale for probably a nickel apiece. There would be no rock'n roll without Chuck Berry and the others mentioned in this thread!
  4. I Heard It on the X - ZZ Top Radar Love - Golden Earring
  5. What Do Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson and The Pet Shop Boys have in common?
  6. Spanish Ben E. King - Spanish Harlem Herb Alpert - Spanish Flea The Doors - Spanish Caravan
  7. Yes!!! Green Grass and High Tides by the Outlaws :guitar: Love that song!
  8. Gisela, you are so blessed to have the tapes and I applaud you for undertaking the awesome task of putting your grandfather's history to paper. shank's mare mode of transportation means getting there under your own steam - i.e. walking. I wish I could help with some of the other questions. good luck!
  9. I am a mac user too and rarely have spam/popup problems. I think my ISP does something on their end to curb this annoyance.
  10. My fave Hall & Oates song ~ Kiss Is On My List
  11. I saw them in Houston circa 1974. They were fantastic and I would rate it one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Thanks for posting the tour schedule. I am going to try and score some tickets for The Woodlands!
  12. I love just about everything in this genre. I would recomment the Byrds "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" - one of my all time faves.
  13. Katie, what do promite and marmite taste like? still not getting an idea about vegemite LOL
  14. I love album cover art. Especially Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Stones and Beatles to name a few. I have always really liked this Greatful Dead cover -
  15. I, too am a Catholic and Pope John Paul II will be sorely missed. Who will be able to fill his shoes?
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