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  1. Robert Shimmel is hilarious... Also Dom Irerra
  2. Lets have a little discussion on the film Club Dread... I thought it was a rather interesting idea...
  3. Keith Richards is set to play Jack Sparrows pop... How appropriate since he just got injured falling off a coconut tree gathering cocoNots!! Hahaha
  4. Finally an original idea... He IS a pirate....Of cigarettes...Playing a pirate in POC 3...
  5. Hey I want to know what are your thoughts on all the Hoopla about the Stones playing at Supabowl halftime show. I think it is totally perposterous and despicable that alot of people are upset. } I am so tired of seeing all these pop tarts performing out there. last year we had the most Horrible performance of all time with Ashley Simpson. The Stones will Rocl Their world man. Screw all that hip hop janet jackson/ timberlake bullship...
  6. I have been utterly obssesed with Captain Beefheart, and Denmark Sensation "Annie" She is Sooo friggin hot...
  7. Sigur Ros any music from them is strange but great.. hhaahaa
  8. "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" The Outkast~
  9. The Flute solo on colour my world is Awwweee ssooomeeee....
  10. I posted my last with the assumption that the guitar player is female... Right?
  11. Sitting in the back, playing my guitar Two guys jump in and drive off in my car I know I shouldn't leave the keys in the ignition But he was so good lookin', all tight jeans and tatoos So she changed her tune from soul to the blues I replaced my guitar with a portable sax Then got all sexy in my Sans-A-Belt slacks Ow! (drum solo) (Guitar Solo) Them tight jeans and ta ta toos ooh lets jazz it up! I started working up a sweat so bad I could have filled up my D-Cups
  12. josef

    Bird York

    Very soothing... Sounds kind of like Mazzy Star.
  13. I like the Vocal Solo by Clare Torry from the Great Gig in the Sky from The Dark Side of the Moon album....
  14. josef

    Bird York

    Wow ... That sounds pretty interesting. I think I'll check it out. I always like something different.
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