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  1. Ok, I just know a little part of it... so ehm... "ooow here she comes watch out or she'll chew you up ooow here she comes she's a man eater" The vocals are by a man and ehm I hope you guys can help me (don't mind my spelling )
  2. Wow...I adore that song now. Really fits well with that story... Thanks! To all the others: THANKs THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS as well!!
  3. I like to write and do have quite a few stories on the net...mostly fanfiction though. Now to get back ontopic! I would like to have some songs as soundtrack for a few of those stories. Here about what they must go: 1)About being in love with you're biggest enemy. 2)About hiding you're true feelings behind a "mask" not showing people who you really are. 3)About feeling something for a best friend 4)About sexual abuse Hope someone can help me? Any genre is good btw! Thanks anyway ::
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