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Concerts You've Attended


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My first concert was Santana, in 1971. Then I started going to every concert there was (Rory Gallagher, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor & Jack Bruce, lots of British bands I don´t even remember...) Then I started working in the rock scene and I couldn´t list all the concerts I was at for some 25 years, the best ones were, as I posted somewhere before, Psychedelic Furs, Dylan, Stranglers, Pretenders, Lou Reed, Violent Femmes, Eric Burdon, King Crimson, Brian Ferry... the Stones, sure... most boring: Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Dire Straits (yes, they´re boring live), Simple Minds...

My last good concert was two years ago, David Byrne. I just go to see local bands these times.

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got home yesterday from electric picnic, the coolest music festival i've ever been to! it's a boutique festival, with a relatively small crowd and loads of really cool things to see and do. it's was so pretty with papier mache creations in all the trees, arts and crafts everywhere and gourmet food and drink. i had such a great time. even though the weather was a bit rubbish and i didn't get any sleep due to a sole jungle-music loving girl who had it blaring from 2-10am while she sat there alone with a can in her hand. if i had realised it was just one person listening to it i definitely would have switched it off! my boy and i are pretty softcore - we left after the music on sunday night and went to stay in a hotel, covered by his business expenses since he was working in the area on monday - i never enjoyed a hot bath, clean towels and a warm comfortable bed more in my life!

i saw/heard bits and pieces or the entirety of the following acts!

borken social scene

david kitt

gang of four

belle and sebastian

new order

the frames

graham coxon

groove armada

jerry fish

duke special

lisa hannigan (with damo, tomo and vyvienne)


the rapture

saul williams

yeah yeah yeahs

pet shop boys

basement jaxx

there were so many more acts playing and we could have seen alot more but we took it easy rather than rushing around the place and enjoyed it thoroughly!

yeah yeah yeahs were by far the highlight - they kisked serious a$$!!!! basement jaxx were also s***hot and graham coxon rocked!

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Here's a big list...

Steve Miller Band

Doobie Brothers

Steppenwolf (John Kay)

The Outlaws

Lynyrd Skynyrd


Charlie Daniels Band

ZZ Top

Hank Williams Jr

Big & Rich

Grand Funk Railroad

REO Speedwagon



John Fogerty

The Allman Brothers

The Marshall Tucker Band (Doug Gray)



Cheap Trick


The Guess Who

.38 Special

Little Feat

The Bangles



Kid Rock

Limp Bizkit

Papa Roach

Pat Benetar

And others that I saw parts of the concert but not the whole thing.

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Here's my list:

The Beatles (my first)

Rolling Stones (1966)

Beach Boys (1966, and again in early 90's with John

Stamos sitting in on drums)

Jerry Lee Lewis (3 times, 3 diff. states, 3 diff. decades)

Buck Owens

Faron Young

Johnny Cash (with Carl Perkins, Statler Bros., and the Carter Family)

The Johnny Otis Show

Jerry Reed

The Association (blecch)

Little Richard

George Jones and Tammy Wynette

Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty

Mickey Gilley

Carpenters (like watching robots perform)

Johnny Mathis (not my idea)

Smothers Brothers

Andy Williams (tolerable)

Freddy Fender

Chuck Berry

Fats Domino (great show)

Linda Ronstadt (with Nelson Riddle)

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Actually, no...I've never been to Branson or Nashville. I believe all of the concerts I've seen were in Portland, Oregon; Phoenix, AZ; or northern California; all places I've lived. By the way, I forgot Johnny Rodriguez, Slim Whitman, Little Jimmy Dickens, Buddy Alan, and Barbara Fairchild. And does it count if I saw Chris Montez lip-synch in person?

No, I don't think it does...

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I saw Ian Anderson for the second time on Wednesday night. He brought a whole orchestra with him, replete with clarinet players, cellists and violinists, and he did mostly Jethro Tull songs. We had seats dead center in the front rooow. At no time was I more than eight feet away from the man himself. I was so close, he nearly spit on me when he started blowing that flute.

Until the other night, I never realized how much Ian Anderson resembles Marty Feldman. You give ol' Eyegore a beard, a flute, and one of those black stocking headwrap things, and you couldn't tell the two apart.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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