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  1. Possibly under your bed, but not in a creepy way.
  2. Robin Lee? (covered "Black Velvet" in 1990) My real guess is Paula Cole, even though she doesn't fit all of the criteria. But she did sing backup for Peter Gabriel, and had a few singles in the early-mid 90s.
  3. No reason. Might have to get some rubber knives instead, though. Carry on.
  4. You don't have to worry about aiming. Unrelated question, though - can you be very, very still?
  5. Okay, I can probably think of some things. "Eve" - The Heavy Sandwich -written by A. Peeples/J. Nipe/M. Thomasson/A. Scull -So it's about a sort of mean girl in Florida. -It has a round in it. -We've played it in various different styles, but our favorite was with a latin drum beat, piano and violin. -We've played it acoustically on the radio. -On the album I borrowed a 12-string guitar, a Danelectro. -I once took tracks from the album version and remixed them to use in a rap song by a friend of ours, and he's performed it live. -Radhi will star in the video, once she agrees to the knife-throwing. I'm sorry, that really isn't very interesting. Feel free to make things up if it helps.
  6. "Land Of Confusion" by Genesis, and then by Disturbed? That's pretty annoying.
  7. Say, I'd like to say something. (The appropriate Top Ten thread is locked, so I couldn't post there.) Anyhoo, I just wanted to say a million thanks to everyone who voted for The Heavy Sandwich in the last Top Ten, and a million more to everyone who even simply listened to it. I'm not around very much to post, but I did want to extend thanks - it was very sweet of you. Carry on...
  8. A little vogel told me about this. You're totally still in the video.
  9. Thanks, you two. It's more like "Eve: We're Tired Of The Old Version And John Found A Piano".
  10. You would think artists would get that, but they don't. I've worked with this stuff for 7 years, and not one time has a publisher or artist seen that as a valid argument.
  11. Long Long Long by The Beatles is my favorite Beatles' song, I think.
  12. Karaoke companies request, then beg, then pay a ton of money.
  13. FYI - Sadly, this has been cancelled.
  14. Okay, a different version of "Eve" is on the page now. It's not perfect, but that's what happens when you try it once. Also, the new song "Matters" has been added to the page. It's generally pretty rocking, but this is an acoustic version. Thanks for checking them out, should you do so. www.myspace.com/theheavysandwich
  15. A big yay to Smog and Gillian Welch. And, of course, to "Song To The Siren", even if it's the wrong version.
  16. For Seattle there was that Hendrix guy, too.
  17. 1. "Song To The Siren" - This Mortal Coil 2. "Revelator" - Gillian Welch 3. "Held" - Smog 4. "Making Plans For Nigel" - XTC 5. "To Bring You My Love" - PJ Harvey 6. "Reel Around The Fountain" - The Smiths 7. "I Like Birds" - Eels 8. "Nature Boy" - Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds 9. "My Girl" - Madness 10. "Ghost Town" - The Specials
  18. It's not televised, but it was in a documentary. The Brian Jonestown Massacre performing at a RECORD SHOWCASE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9admQrK9Bzs
  19. I don't think the government should be "promoting" anything except equal rights for everyone. When every single heterosexual marriage is free from scandal then people can begin to discuss whether or not a same sex union compromises the traditional definition. Because I don't think a 50% divorce rate was part of that.
  20. Happy belated birthday, Jenny!
  21. Martin, I thought about all of that. But I didn't want to be obviously self-promoting - I prefer to do it more stealthily. Is that a word?
  22. I'm not sure if this is where I should post this, so if there's a better suggestion... Anyhoo, my band, The Heavy Sandwich, has put a few new songs up on our MySpace page. These are live recordings, so they're not perfect. I know a few people here got our last album, so I figured I'd post a link here in case they (or anyone else) would like to check them out: www.myspace.com/theheavysandwich "China Bed" and "Sheldon" are the two new ones. Be kind. (Oh, and I know that Levis seems to dig the song "Eve" - just for you, there's a weird version from the same show forthcoming.)
  23. I think it's satire, but it's a little disturbing that it's not completely obvious.
  24. Well, see...I am from NC. I was born there. Right now I live in essentially a suburb of Charlotte, 15 minutes across the border. It's just easier to say Charlotte, since most people know where that is.
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