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  1. No. That wasn't it. She could have been a back up singer for a big name. She is Caucasian. I am familiar with Natalie M, Tori A, Roberta F, Rita C, Robin B, Roxette, All that have been mentioned - see what I mean??!!?? Darn I wish I would have checked it out right away! I totally appreciate the time each of you take to help me. Believe me b/c to know that basically much of the US is helping me is a relief, ya know? Thanks, again! Z
  2. No. I have been racking my brain trying to think of a tempo even! I thought maybe robin beck. It is not. I checked all the line ups Lilth Fair has had to no avail b/c LF was not a fair back in the late, late, 80's or early early nineties! But that is her genre. Veronica? Ronni? I keep going back to the letter R because my name begins with an R - I figured that that would be the easiest way to remember her!!! Duh! I certainly appreciate you time with helping me, though. I am going to keep racking my brain.
  3. Robin Beck? I am going to Itune for this. Really it was like a no namer who sang a tune like what melissa ethridge, alanis m, would sing.
  4. Thanks for searching! No it wasn't. It was a soloist; very fleetwood macky. Perhaps in the genre of Melissa Ethridge, Alanis, etc.
  5. There is this song that I have heard only a few times. The female soloist sounded like Christine McVie; meaning it's style of song and tempo was fleetwood macky. I don't think this song went anywhere on the charts (top 25). She has a lower voice it was a ballad. I do know that I remembered the letter of her first name; R. I sure hope you can help me out!!
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