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  1. "Peace of Mind" - Boston ...and now..."Stray Cat Strut" - Stray Cats
  2. Just a few more additions... Education - The Kinks - 7:07 Black Juju - Alice Cooper - 9:14 Gonna Raise Hell - Cheap Trick - 9:20 Tunnel of Love - Dire Straits - 8:08 Knockin' At Your Back Door - Deep Purple - 7:05 Slow Ride - Foghat - 8:14 The Jack (live version from Live At River Plate) - AC/DC - 10:11
  3. Well, you certainly wouldn't see any men going there. Miami Sammy?...I've heard of you. I heard you were dead!
  4. "Sister Havana" - Urge Overkill miamisammy was here ..and now..."Tunnel of Love" - Dire Straits
  5. Far Away Eyes - The Stones miamisammy was here!
  6. "Down To The Waterline" - Dire Straits Where can I find.....
  7. Things you would do if you owned an expensive yachtABang rich chicksChallenger Deep DiveDeep Sea FishingEFGHunt whales with the Japanese Cetacean "Researchers"IJKLMost likely crash the f***in' thing into a lighthouseNOPick up rich chicksQRShoot reugees on overloaded boats for sport.Throw Donald Trump the finger while I blow past him and his wimpy little yachtUVWXYZig zag through "Chinese territorial waters" between the Spratly islands.
  8. Granted. You are now 4-foot NINE. I wish I could be abducted by aliens. (Glad to see I'm not the only one that watches "People of Earth")
  9. Nearly drove through a "Road Closed" barrier. No, wait....that was the week before. I don't remember New Year's Eve. Name something that brings you great joy.
  10. Psycho Killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better Run run run run run run run away
  11. Car, I guess. Name your favorite New Year's Eve TV host.
  12. "Old Days" - Chicago Did you ever smoke...
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