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  1. I think my answer to this question is pretty obvious, considering the website and all. But the fact that he even can be listed here is a crying shame, because "Magnet and Steel" probably wouldn't make my top 30 list of favorites by him.
  2. As mentioned by a few others, Tom Petty is a great showman. But even more so I was impressed with Lindsey Buckingham's performances during the three Fleetwood Mac concerts I attended. And I'm not just talking about his mind-blowing talent (btw, the episode of PBS' Soundstage that he did just got released on DVD, buy it now!) but the energy that man has is breathtaking and he really seems to appreciate the crowd more than the rest of the band. During his guitar solos he was kneeling down at the front of the stage and letting people touch him and his guitar and at the end of several songs he was shaking hands and signing autographs as well. And of course, the whole time he had an enormous grin on his face and just looked like he was having a blast! The same couldn't really be said for the rest of the band, but then I wasn't there to see them anways.
  3. Just because he sounds more feminine than Stevie Nicks does not mean he sounds like a woman!! Actually I think sometimes he sounds like he's just inhaled a bunch of helium, but usually that only happens when he means for it to.
  4. Just got done watching the newest episode of Breaking Bonaduce. What a psycho. That man is a loose cannon and a serious head case. The alcohol, prescription painkillers, steroids... scarey sh*t. In the episode I just watched he had a total breakdown because his wife and some friends had a little party and her friends hired strippers. After he threatened bodily harm to just about anybody even remotely involved with the show or his wife's party... she told him she wanted a divorce. His reaction? He cut his wrists and ended up in a psych ward.
  5. I have so many rock posters in my tiny bedroom that several have ended up on the ceiling. I have: 2 Tom Petty posters (One is the cover of Pulse Magazine, the other is for Long After Dark.) 4 Walter Egan posters (Two for HiFi, one for Not Shy, and one for Wild Exhibitions.) 5 Fleetwood Mac posters (one reproduction of a 1976 tour poster, one for Time, two for The Dance, and one from their Say You Will tour). 3 Lindsey Buckingham posters (one for each solo album) 1 Bob Seger poster (promo for his first Greatest Hits release) 1 Pretenders poster (for Viva El Amor) 1 for Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts (Russell Crowe's group, now disbanded)
  6. ^ No worries. I am not one to become easily offended, but yes, this question has already been answered. From the most recent picture thread: And yes, my real name is Victoria, which I much prefer over "Vicky"
  7. I don't think I have a straight answer this one... but here goes anyway. Usually when I first get into an artist or album, it's the sound of the single(s) that gets me hooked, but once I've bought the album, my favorite track nearly always ends up being one with more poignant lyrics.
  8. Here are my two kitties, Dunlop and Tiny Tim (Tiny just got done stretching when I snapped the pic so that's why he's in such a weird position) And a couple of my precious little Stella (yes I have a pet rat)
  9. Here's one I don't get: Stevie Nicks I used to be pretty big on her music but I still don't get people's obsession with her. Her voice is pretty unique but not great. Her lyrics can be poignant but mostly they're just... how do I put this? Out there. Weird. Half the time I don't know what the heck she's even singing about. And the songs of hers that are really great usually derive their greatness from the contributions of other musicians she's worked with, like Tom Petty and various members of the Heartbreakers. Her fans - or chiffonheads as they refer to themselves - are something else. Let me tell you. They're absolutely rabid. Even the slightest criticism of her and they're on you like a pack of wolves. A lot of her fans are gay men and there's an annual event called "The Night of a Thousand Stevies" that is a freak show of men in chiffon drag (and a few women dressed up too). But that's normal compared to other things I've come across. I've come across several pieces of fanfiction (some very sexually explicit) in which her fans have come up with all sorts of fantasies of Lindsey Buckingham's wife being kidnapped or murdered or otherwise taken out of the picture thus allowing him and Nicks to be together as a family with his three children. I also recently came across a post on another message board in which a fan had a dream that the mythical character Rhiannon came to her and told her, among other things, that Stevie is a lesbian and that she's secretly been in a long term relationship with one of her backup singers (the singer in question is married to Stevie's brother). Rhiannon also told this fan something very important and urgent that the fan must somehow relay to Stevie, but the post did not say what this was. I could keep going on and on... but I think you all probably get the picture.
  10. Thanks a bunch! I just went to amazon and played a clip and The Toyes are the one I wanted. However, I'll have to try to hunt it down at a lower price. $46 is a just a little high. I don't like the song THAT much.
  11. I'm sure that if I really did some research I could find this out, but it seems easier to just ask. A long time ago, I heard a song with the following lyrics: I smoke two joints in the morning I smoke two joints at night I smoke two joints in the afternoon It makes me feel alright I smoke two joints in time of peace And two in time of war I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints And then I smoke two more I know the lyrics were used in a song by Sublime (I think it was them, anyway) but that's not the song that I'm after. The music that went with it sounded almost Reggae and almost certainly was recorded long before Sublime. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Wow. Now I'm really lost. I didn't quite see the attempt at humor, but then I haven't been here long enough nor been active enough on these boards to know anything of the activities of other members. I'm not quite sure how this thread turned into what it did, but I certainly took no offense to any of the comments. Just for the record.
  13. I'm a little lost too. I am definitely not Foxy... Well... okay that depends on who you ask. But Foxy and I are not the same person.
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