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  1. I re-nominate Boston's debut........it's flawless and timeless. Other nominees: Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend - great riffs, great drumming, great songwriting. From the infectious title track through the gorgeous "Your Sweet Voice" Queen - I gotta go with "News of the World" as my favorite - songs like "Sheer Heart Attack" and "We Will Rock You" and the underrated "It's Late" all rock to high heaven. The sultry "Melancholy Blues," the bluesy "Sleeping on the Sidewalk", the solemn "All Dead All Dead" and the very raw "Get Down Make Love" are all a testament to the diversity of Queen's sound. "Spread Your Wings" shows how great a writer John Deacon was too. (Not to knock Queen 2 or Night at the Opera) I think it's their best album as a whole. Other fav's - Barenaked Ladies - "Gordon" Lowest of the Low - "Shakespeare My Butt" The Gandharvas - "A Soap Bubble and Inertia" (all three being great albums from Canadian Bands) I know that the Stone Roses were nominated & listed a month or so ago with Second Coming, but man I think their self titled CD as a whole is far superior. "Love Spreads" is great, but there is not a dud on "The Stone Roses"
  2. "THE YES ALBUM" (the one before Fragile) is incredible too, my favorite anyhow.
  3. The Beatles - There are too many - what about the Day Tripper riff? and In My Life and She Loves You.... The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (their 60's icon), Miss You (70's) Start Me Up (80's) Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven.......and Rock & Roll and Black Dog. Bob Seger - Turn The Page (hmm?)......gotta go with the Risky Business tune on this one. Pink Floyd - The Wall.....(album?) I think MONEY is their signature or maybe NUMB ( I like BIKE though...and Fearless) Rod Stewart - Maggie May (70's) or Forever Young (80's) The Eagles - Hotel California (pretty much) Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Don't Stop) The Who - My Generation or Baby O'Riley or Fooled Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama and Freebird and some more.......... Alice Cooper - Poison (umm?) definitely Schools Out ACDC - Highway To Hell---for Bon Scott......otherwise gotta be You Shook Me Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills (pretty much) Heart - Alone ( OUCH !) what about BARRACUDA?? Queen - I Want To Break Free (Double ouch).......We Will Rock You - B.Rhapsody- Champions - KISS - Domino (not one of their 80s or 90s songs)....gotta be Rock and Roll All Nite.....or maybe Detroit Rock City Motley Crue - Dr Feelgood.......(I'd hate to think anyone thought Home Sweet Home, but it's probably true) Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing (YEAH- spot on) Toto - Rosanna Status Quo - Down Down Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) ---Wheel in the Sky Eric Clapton (Derek & The Dominos) - Layla....without question Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark (Born to Run) GNR - Sweet Child O Mine (YEAH) or Jungle. Chris Isaak - Wicked Game (dont think he'd be remembered for much else-this whole album is great) David Bowie - China Girl ----(Space Oddity-Ziggy) ZZ Top - TUSH......Sharp Dressed Man YES - Roundabout Foreigner? - Hot Blooded REM - (a tough one) The One I Love U2 - in the 80's I'd say Sunday Bloody Sunday, but now? one Metallica - Seek and Destroy - Sandman - Puppets? Prince - 1999 - Kiss? Styx - Come Sail Away Kinks - Lola or You Really got ME Van Halen - Eruption - Jump? Tommy Tu-Tone - 867-5309 ? Dexi's Midnite Runners - Come On Eileen (sorry bout that) Aerosmith - Dream On REO Speedwagon - Ridin' the Storm Out..... Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son John Cougar Mellencamp - Pink Houses or Jack & Diane Billy Joel - PIANO MAN Elton John - used to be Your Song, but now Candle or Tiny Dancer Bon Jovi - You Give Love a Bad Name Scorpions - Rock you like a hurricane Deep Purple - Smoke............ Jimi Hendrix - FOXY LADY Cream - Sunshine of your Love - Cars - Let's Go Police - Every Breath You Take or Message in a Bottle Ozzy - Crazy Train Black Sabbath - Paranoid Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever Jackson Browne - Running on empty Neil Young - Hey Hey My My - Pearl Jam - I have no idea ---------- Tom Petty - Refugee (though I like many others) Player - Baby Come Back (Ha ha ha) Three Dog Night - Joy to the World Cher - with 5 decades I'd still say "I got you babe"w/Sonny Madonna - Material Girl........... Kool and the Gang - Celebration Ramones - Sedated......... Smiths - so many great songs, yet only really known for "How Soon is Now" the Cure - hopefully not Friday I'm in Love, but Boy's Don't Cry or Just Like Heaven Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places Willie Nelson - On the road again Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues.... Frank Sinatra - My Way Buckner and Garcia - Pac Man Fever Billy Squier - The Stroke Abba - Dancing Queen Kenny Rogers - The Gambler Rush - Tom Sawyer The Guess Who - American Woman
  4. sure, I'll hang. wah bop a loo bop a wah bam boom
  5. hey sammy miami, thank you, and Chip is my real "nickname" I'm a Jr. so they had to figure out something else to call me to avoid confusion and mass hysteria, I lucked out though if any other piece of paper was drawn out of the hat I could have been called Mack or Biff. :guitar: Rock On.
  6. Hi, this was a great quiz, I'm so happy I was lucky enough to win the tie breaker. I do have a question though. How do I claim the t-shirt? Who do I give my address to? I'm so psyched to have won something. I never win. Thank you SONGFACTS!!
  7. Wow, I know its been over 100 maybe 200. I've seen the good the bad and the ugly. My first was Van Halen w/David Lee Roth, what a way to start. Other hi-lites: Rolling Stones (Syracuse 1989) Eagles (2003) Aerosmith (4 times in the 80's) REM U2 (Joshua Tree Tour 1987) Smashing Pumpkins (3 times) Red Hot Chili Peppers (disappointing) Joe Walsh (solo, w/Glen Frey, and w/Eagles) Robert Plant w/Stevie Ray Vaughan opening (1988) Yes David Lee Roth solo (twice) Van Halen w/ Sammy (1986) Tesla (3 times) once w/ Def Leppard Matthew Sweet (3 times) Barenaked Ladies (4 times) Frank Black (twice) Rush (THRICE) Foreigner (2), Tragically Hip (3), Cheap Trick.... umm and others I just can't remember.
  8. I hope they come down and do a show in Florida so I can see them. Just to see Brian May and Roger Taylor live would be worth it. I think Paul Rogers will do the songs justice. I'm a huge Queen fan and even though Freddie is gone I'm sure some of the original spirit of Queen will shine through, and if they decide to throw in "All Right Now" or a Bad Company song then it's a nice bonus.
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