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  1. I am looking for the artist who sang Encore in the 80's. "Your good love deserves an encore"
  2. I would definately love to discover and sign new talent. (Key word "Talent")
  3. Kiss (3X) Tom Petty (good concert) Boston (Best sounding show yet) Heart (Always Fun) AC/DC (The coliseum shook, literally) Ceiling tiles were falling out. Prince (Sexy Mutha F**ka) Mellisa Etheridge (better in auditoriums) Tina Turner (Fun) The Stones Pink Floyd
  4. I have read in the past that release of her new album was postponed until. Has anyone heard or read anything further? :beady:
  5. Well, on with the show Going on with the show Come on baby No, no, no Oh my, my, my . . . Torn muscel hurts like hell.
  6. Tegan & Sara Turin Brakes Poe I have found a few songs from these artist's that are catchy. I think Beth Hart deserves a second look.
  7. This is what I am trying to say, people. The majority of people who have the money/power to produce the shows/films have horrible taste. What's even more scary is that the people who vote these shows to stay on air make us wonder who has intelligence. Duuuuuuuuuuh. And my God, if they put one more F###IN law/crime based show on TV I will puke. Enough people. Shawna, I think Medium is well written and portrayed.
  8. Elvis enjoyed the edginess. His style of performance was not seen in public if not tolerated. I think if anything the controversy hightened his career during the time. Not to mention this was a well chiseled, sexy man. Obviously looks are important to the public. I think if writer's had been more dominant, perhaps he would have been even bigger. The reproduction of other artist's songs are fun and it worked for him for a while, but he desperately wanted to do his own thing as we saw in his Gospel interest. Today we have seen just about everything. I don't think there's much that can done to make us sit up and say "DAMN" what was that. Elvis in my thought would have been another "Justin Timberlake" in today's world. I will say it again, Hollywood and most everything it touches/produces is so twisted and tweeked by the time we see it. If you are a musician you should make music the way you want it. Antigone Rising: Now that they are stepping into mainstream they have been reduced to a commercial sound. Almost country if you will. These chicks rocked while struggling.
  9. The Killers White Stripes The Donnas Heart (Still kickin A**) In response to Aunt Acid. I caught Polyphonic Spree performing on PBS a couple of months ago. Let me say that I have not seen pure energy and smooth sound come together as perfectly as those guys pumped out. I was impressed by the sound, not to mention the number of people on stage. WOW.
  10. My favorite fellow lefty. Are You Experienced Hey Joe Purple Haze
  11. Queen I remember my brother turned me onto Queen in the early 80's while I was busy following multiple sounds/artist's. It was like someone turned on a light. Queen will be a group/sound that will rarely be duplicated.
  12. I went to my first KISS concert in 78 I believe and will never forget it. It was and still is quite a show. Remember the album KISS II, this was my favorite album. You got tattoos with it. This group was one that truly stood out. Firehouse 100,000 years Beth Rocket Ride (Ace) Rock n Roll all night Cold Gin Do You Love Me I Want You Black Diamond Hard Luck Woman Lick It Up Plaster Caster Paul Stanley was my favorite. What a voice.
  13. I'm watching "Mega Machines" on History cannel. It is just amazing to me the technology, capability and money world nation's spend on these monsterous machines. Some are a need, but others hhmmmmmmmmmm doesn't look like much of a need. Some of these technical advances look more like a pissing contest. As we've seen over the past 2 weeks in our own disaster torn country the billions of dollars needed to restore lives should have been directed towards prevention. Stop spending money on bigger and better and use it to work on fixing what is coming. Has history taught us nothing.
  14. In the past 50 years, which female artist would make the top three (3)? Example: Janis Joplin, Linda Ronstadt, Ann Wilson, Mama Cass, Etta James, Brenda Lee, Aretha... O.K. Category: ROCK Remember depending on the era, most of these women were considered rock. Most mainstream music was however based on Rhythm & Blues.
  15. You rock! This has been a brain teaser for me & my friends at parties. Thanks for your help.
  16. Don't not know title of song, just opening verse. Thought it was Wet Willie. "It's been 14 days since I don't know when, just saw her with my best friend, do know what I mean, Lord do ya know what I mean" Looking for Artist and Title. Thanks for you help.
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