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  1. Kate1969

    Thoughts for a Friend

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts during this time. Alex made sure to tell me that everyone was thinking of me at work, school and even here at songfacts. Kate
  2. Kate1969

    Thoughts for a Friend

    Hey everyone! It looks like they will be releasing Kate by sometime mid-next week. She finally came to in the middle of last night. We are in the process of trying to learn more about what exactly happened. Thanks everyone for your thoughts during this tough time! ~Alex~
  3. Kate1969

    Thoughts for a Friend

    Wow, I never expected such a quick reply! I will be sure to let her know. She is a very loved girl here at home and the city where she attends school (London, Ontario) but I was aware she was experiancing some problems. ~Alex~
  4. Kate1969

    Thoughts for a Friend

    Hi everyone! This is Kate's best friend Alex posting from her computer. She frequents the site quite a bit and has always told me about it and you all seemed like great people so she told me. I was wondering if you would keep her in her thoughts as she has been hospitalized and may not be doing so well. She overdosed on some painkillers two nights ago and has been struggling to pull through. At this point it does seem intentional as this is not the first time it has happened in the last month. She is an extremely sweet, funny and goregeous girl who has been through alot in her life and we are aware that she has been battling a re-occuring eating disorder, however she has always been very private about any problems she has had. If you could all keep her in your thoughts it would be greatly appreciated! ~Alex~
  5. Kate1969

    Girls Night out!

    This is the last summer for all of my girlfriends to all be together. We have alot of fun and great stuff planned (culminating in a trip to NYC). I was wondering what songs made you ladies think of your favourite girl's nights out? The ones I always think of are: Donna Summers'- Bad Girls Shania Twain- Man! I Feel Like a Woman Chaka Khan- I'm Every Woman Martina McBride- This One's for the Girls Donna Summers' Hot STuff (for any particulary fun night out) So what other songs make you think of a girls night out? If you could help me finish my list that would be great!
  6. Kate1969

    friend lover songs

    Lovers and Friends- Usher, Ludacris and Lil Jon Sorry but when I saw the thread title I just couldnt resist!
  7. Kate1969

    Good songs for a striptease

    Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar on Me!
  8. Kate1969

    about canadains all the things u thougth u knew

    I was in Chile last month and some guys we're commenting on my accent. Of course of I have an accent to people in Chile, but I was wondering what do Americans think we sound like? What (if you can descirbe it) does our accent sound like?
  9. Kate1969

    about canadains all the things u thougth u knew

    I'll be the first to admit I say "eh". It doesnt sound odd to me but I guess to an outsider it would.
  10. Kate1969

    Greatest films of the 80's

    The Big Chill Pretty In Pink (who doesn't love Duckie?)
  11. Kate1969

    Napoleon Dynamite

    Up here we have "Vote for Pedro" shirts
  12. Kate1969

    Breathe - Lucie Silvas

    Try Micehelle Branch's "Breathe" I believe she has some lyrics like that,its a good song too
  13. Kate1969

    Napoleon Dynamite

    But it's worth the wait! Then you have a something to look forward to for after work
  14. Kate1969

    Napoleon Dynamite

    Got mine this morning!
  15. Kate1969

    Rumble - Link Wray & His Ray Men (Pulp Fiction)

    Well I own the soundtrack and the collecter's edtion of the dvd , but when I need to know a song from a movie that isnt listed on the soundtrack, I use the IMDb site.