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  1. It's Over - Blur Pictures of You - The Cure We might as well be strangers - Keane
  2. Can't take my eyes off you - playing pool scene in the Deer Hunter - man that was cool! Blister in the sun - Gross Point Blanke People are Strange by Echo & the Bunnymen - the Lost Boys (terrible film, great Doors cover!) Where is my mind? - Pixes at the end of Fight Club
  3. Their first single was 'Somewhere only we know', which I think is their best. I was troubled by the whole lack of guitars - a proper band without guitars?!! But saw them at Glastonbury and was totally converted, bought the album and never looked back!
  4. Blimey, I'd forgotten all about Falco - that was hilarious! La Folie - The Stranglers
  5. Last night I dreamt zombies were trying to get in through the bedroom window, I was at the window trying to stop them calling my boyfriend to help. At this point they started punching me in the stomach so I naturally woke up screaming, sat up in bed and threw one of them across the room. It was of course my poor cat, she'd come over to investigate why I was making strange noises and it was her paws that were 'punching' my stomach. She's still sulking!
  6. Thank you Windy, I do my best! Is yours really Keith Richards?!! He is such a hero!
  7. What does his music sound like?
  8. Not generally one for funny movies (like funny bits in movies as opposed to slapstick) but Groundhog Day just rocks my boat! And if you want to go black and funny, Cul de Sac (Polanski) is hilarious, if in a bit of a wierd way!
  9. When I posted this reply I was very new to the boards and just listed a few of my favourites. But I now have a better understanding of what the majority of posters here like! Just wanted to let you know I've also seen the following (I'm trying to make friends!): Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Black Crows, David Bowie, the Cult, Motorhead... ... well, there is some proper rock there anyway!
  10. That list is a little out of my tiny sphere of listening (!), but I love the Cure - listen to 'Standing on a Beach', it's a compilation of all their early singles and is fantastic - some of my favourite songs ever. Their best album is Pornography. As for U2, go for their early stuff like Boy and Unforgettable Fire. Joshua Tree is a classic album too.
  11. I think the Verve are well and truely over - I think their ex drummer toured with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in the UK when their drummer couldnt' get a visa... hmmm, not a very interesting fact! Richard Ashcroft did some solo stuff, to mixed success, there was this cool video where half way through he stops the music and has a pee.... whatever... My favourites are Sonnet (bit of a heartbreaker) and Lucky Man.
  12. True, but there are some films which are made just that much better by the music, when they pick that perfect track which just makes the scene (or the film), and you totally connect the film and the song... Like Blister in the Sun, in Gross Point Blanke - yeh, I know that's not a music film either - sorry!
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