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  1. boingobaby

    Beach of Memories

    Very nice
  2. boingobaby

    MTV VMA's

    Did anyone else see Hoobastank stink? Man they were terrible! Yellowcard rocked the house! They were DYNAMITE!
  3. boingobaby

    Wedding songs

    We used Heaven by Bryan Adams. Today, it still is "our" song. Probably THE best song today would be Everlong acoustic version but I understand it is not available, legally.
  4. boingobaby

    Dark Side of Oz

    This is stuff I could read all day. (and plan to) Very very interesting
  5. boingobaby

    Need name and title

    They are supposed to be doing a reality show trying to find a new lead singer. Trying to replace Michael will not be easy.
  6. boingobaby


    Nice display. Man I must be old, I remember most of those!
  7. boingobaby

    best MUSIC BASED movies

    It's a dancing movie with my beloved... Footloose! or even more beloved...Dirty Dancing. I know, I know it's not exactly music based, but without the music these movies would not exist
  8. boingobaby


    Almost any Boston album has a great cover.
  9. boingobaby

    Franz Ferdinand

    I just bought this cd the other day. It is so great! I love these guys too. Franz Ferdinand is also awsome.
  10. boingobaby

    Dead on Arrival

    Thank you. Pretty easy to find?
  11. boingobaby

    Dead on Arrival

    There is a song by Billy Idol called Dead on Arrival. It was on a jukebox in one of my favorite bars in Hollywood, oh around 18 years ago. I think it is what is called a B side song. Anyone know much about this??