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:thumbsup: That sounds like a great show...Was Layla the acoustic (Grandpa) version? Or the Derek and the Dominoes all out electric one? You probably saw one of the closest versions of Blind Faith (and one of the best)

I've seen Clapton a few times too...lots of times in the 70's and I remember one :stars: :doh:

Once in the 80's...a bunch of times in the 90's and Clapton just gets better...

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Haven't been to a bunch in my life, but here they are:

When I was young and in high school (late '80s/early '90s)

Bobby Brown

MC Hammer

When I was older and wiser


Massive Attack

K-Ci and JoJo + Boyz II Men

I've also seen Bryan Adams twice with my wife.

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I've also seen Bryan Adams twice with my wife.

But that's not included under older & wiser? :D I'm teasin', I like Bryan Adams. ;)

Viaene, you saw one hell of a show! I'm jealous. I've seen Winwood, but I've never seen Clapton. I don't remember ever having the chance to see him in the '70's. Surely he played St Louis, but I don't remember it. That's a great memory you've got now.

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wow viaene!
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Leon freaking Russell ! :rockon:

I'm going to see Leon Russell next week at a small local club.

That's odd, so am I. :cool:

Me too, strangely enough. That's some small club.

So... we got there 1 1/2 hours before the doors opened and ended up FIRST IN LINE !!!

When they let us in, we raced over to the vip section. The first and third rows were reserved, but we were able to get 3 seats in the second row with a perfect view of Leon and his piano playing, about 15 feet away. The club holds 400 people so we did excellent on the seating.

Leon's band consisted of drums, bass, a 1st class blues guitar player and a guy switching off from steel pedal to rhythm guitar to organ with Leon on Honky Tonk piano. The band was tight on the harmonies behind Leon and it sounded just like the back up vocals on the records.

Leon's was in great voice and nimble fingers for a 68 year old rocker.

His set list included -

Out in the Woods

Great Balls of Fire

Roll Over Beethoven

Sweet Little Angel

Back to the Island

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms

Delta Lady


I've Just Seen a Face


Stranger in a Strange Land

Wild Horses

Lady Blue

A Song For you

Jumpin Jack Flash / Kansas City medley

Dixie Lullaby

Some more I can't think of.

Overall it was a fantastic evening and a 10 on the 10 scale for enjoyment.


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Blue, I agree with everything you just said. The seats were perfect, Leon was awesome and the band was just tearing it up. The harmonies were excellent. If you closed your eyes, it sounded like the album cuts. Great music, great evening ... and most important, great company.

Cheers! :)

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Yeah buddy. :bow: Full tilt boogie for almost two hours, and I do believe I chair danced the entire time .... The man didn't stop between songs at all, he rolled right from one to the next. It was very cool to be close enough and situated so that we literally could watch his hands on the keys. He was amazing, and the band was great!

The company wasn't bad either. :shades:

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Last saturday I went to Jazz Ghent to see some of the worlds greatest jazz musicians:

Julian Lage Group

Awesome guitar-based jazz, Julian is a remarkable guitar player, you gotta love his virtuoso, his improvisations. The band was super too, I was impressed by the drummer in particular.

Stanley Clarke Band feat. Hiromi

This was amazing, best improvisation I've ever seen. Stanley Clarke, one of the most acclaimed bass players in jazz music. Hiromi, a very talented and vivid piano player. Ruslan Sirota, very good at playing standard jazz piano and doing the fills to complete the music. Ronald Bruner jr, wow, the guy can play those drums!

Toots Thielemans

The main reason of my visit. Almost 88 years old and still blowing the right notes at the right time. Together with pianist Kenny Werner and Guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, he managed to fill the entire room with melancholy, everybody was quietly listening to the beautiful music.

Perfect evening :bow:

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The 38 Special Concert was pretty good...the vocals were good and the guitar playing was great...I had a good time...

Before they started playing this one song called Rebel to Rebel...Donnie Van Zant said he dedicates this song to his brother Ronnie...about halfway through the song I noticed a flock of geese in the form of a "V" fly over the stage...I thought maybe hmmm that might be some kind of symbolic sign...or maybe just a coincadink, or maybe I just had one too many beers.... :P

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Virgin Freefest was pretty awesome yesterday. Saw Pavement, Matt & Kim, Yeasayer, The Temper Trap, Joan Jett, Jimmy Eat World and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

Pavement was the best. Matt & Kim were good, so was Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Jimmy Eat World was alright, so was Joan Jett. Both of them had sets that were a bit too long for me. Yeasayer was alright too. The Temper Trap wasn't that great.

Now it's off to see Sleigh Bells tonight.

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I once got physically ill from the loudness of a band. I had to go out to the lobby because I thought I would hurl. Until then I'd had no idea that sound could do that.

The first time I was to a heavy concert the music was SO loud I had to cover my ears with my hands. It was David Lee Roth. I was used to rock and pop concerts but not "extreme heavy"... I saw that everybody was wearing earplugs... my friend told me he had some in his pocket as he knew heavy metal concerts were sonorized in a specific way... much higher than other concerts.

And their fans were aware of it... :cool: ...wise people...

My ears were really hurting, even though I did use the earplugs my friend had brought. That was in the mid or late seventies...

But I was to a techno concert three nights ago and went out with a big pain in my ears too... :P

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