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  1. Hmmm . . . Limp Bizkit doing George Michael's "Faith". That's got to be one of the most surreal covers ever . . .
  2. If it were possible, a quick soundbite of a song . . . with the intent being to guess what song it is.
  3. Interesting . . . . I think both ideas have merits. the first one is great because it REALLY forces you to rack your brain in a short span. Themed quizzes are also cool too. edit: perhaps it could be a "question of the day" (posted randomly during the day" . . . at the end of the week, whomever gets the most questions right wins a shirt?
  4. Nice quiz as usual . . . BTW, is there a way that we the board members can submit possible quiz questions?
  5. Nice quiz as usual . . . . *after noticing past quizzes* wow, Joseph from Morgantown, WV really, really knows his music trivia! He must have a whole closet of shirts!
  6. Brad, ...I know that Jon Bon Jovi made some appearances on "Ally McBeal". And the question about the pen product placement . . . that must have been one that stumped people.
  7. Nice quiz . . . and I know which one tripped me up (#1 . . . seems like you miss the obvious ones and get the tough ones). And I've seen in past quiz results . . Joseph from WV has had several perfect scores. He'd have a whole closet of shirts if you didn't have the 6 month rule!
  8. My fault for . . . . At any rate, I see we're now talking about 90's albums. I nominate "Nevermind" . . . for it swept away the LA Sunset strip glam metal scene and ushered in the SEattle grunge scene
  9. Hmm . . . top albums of the 80's . . I'd like to nominate "Master of Puppets" by Metallica and "1984" by Van Halen
  10. Nice quiz as usual Brad . . . 8 out of 10 for me (I got tripped up by #8 and #10).
  11. One of my all time favorite movies (because I like absurd humor). I've probably watched it 10 times, and it still cracks me up. My favorite song was "Big Bottom" . . . and of course the (in)famous "Stonehenge" debacle!
  12. Two pretzels were walking down the street . . . one of them was assaulted and the other was buttered!
  13. Simple, What are your favorite instrumental songs of all time? My absolute favorite instrumental is "Orion" by Metallica. My other favorites are: "YYZ" - Rush "Jessica" - Allman Brothers "Frankenstein" - Edgar Winter Group "Jordan" - Buckethead "Moby Dick" - Led Zeppelin More I could list, but it would take up too much space. What say you all?
  14. I think Eric Clapton's version of "Cocaine" is better than the JJ Cale original.
  15. Girl Money (with the line 'Long legged Rosie from Baltimore') by Kix
  16. Of course, the original lineup of Kiss (Gene/Paul/Ace/Peter) is the best, but how would you rate the guys who replaced Ace & Peter? I've read that Eric Carr was held in high esteem and that Vinnie Vincent never got along with Gene (in fact, Vinnie was actually fired twice. Once after the "Creatures of the Night" tour, but he was quickly rehired because they couldn't find someone on short notice to record 'Lick it Up'. Then he was fired after the 'Lick it Up' tour for . . unethical behavior). Too bad Mark St. John got the bad arthritis and couldn't play much. And I think if the original lineup hadn't gotten back together, I'd say that Bruce Kulick would still be a member of Kiss. What say you all?
  17. As we all know, in the video for "Just" by Radiohead, there's a random guy laying down in the middle of the street (and the whole thing is subtitled) and then people keep asking what is going on, then finally the man in the street says that he will say why he's lying down, but warns the people of the danger (at this point the subtitles are turned off). Then of course, it shows everyone lying down in the street. So the question is, what was it that the man said to cause everyone to lie down in the middle of the street? To this day, only Radiohead and the video director know for sure, but the director said something to the effect of "It would make you lie in the middle of the street" Any theories?
  18. I nominate "Alive!" by Kiss in the top albums of the 70's (even though Kiss later admitted they did doctor a lot of it in studio, it's still a great live album). 1. Deuce 2. Strutter 3. Got to Choose 4. Hotter than Hell 5. Firehouse 6. Nothin' to Lose 7. C'mon and Love Me 8. Parasite 9. She 10. Watchin' You 11. 100,000 Years 12. Black Diamond 13. Rock Bottom 14. Cold Gin 15. Rock and Roll All Nite 16. Let Me Go, Rock and Roll
  19. Worse hair: Phil Spector or Don King?
  20. Well a couple of weeks ago, I saw the DC101 Chili Cook-Off with Stone Temple Pilots/Alice in Chains/Cage the Elephant/Switchfoot/Anberlin/Tears for Mars at the parking lot of RFK Stadium in Washington DC.
  21. Hmmm . . . . In my opinion, I think the Metallica cover version of "Turn the Page" sounds better than the original Bob Seger version.
  22. Here's my random music thought of the day . . . . My favorite MTV Video Music Award performance was in 1992 when Nirvana did a nice version of "Lithium" (and of course, Kurt Cobain ruffling the feathers of the MTV suits by doing the opening bars of "Rape Me"). Of course, the best part was Krist Novocelic getting clonked on the head by his bass (which he tossed after his amp failed) and Kurt smashing his guitar and smashing the piano.
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