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I went and saw "Chickenfoot" about 2 weeks ago... Nice loud band... :guitar: :drummer: I just wish the show was longer...the only person who might have felt out of place was the drummer...But, Sammy Hagar,Joe Satriani(sp?) and that guy from "Van Hagar" kidding folks...really put on a good show...great solo's...Hagar can rock with the best of them...I mean lot's of guitar solos... I took the whole family and Sammy only cursed about 10 times...maybe more...this is a very good band...sooooo...if you do get a chance...go see em...

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Just got back from seeing Kasabian. Tickets had been sold out for a long time but sometimes touts who buy tons of them and then have to get rid of them five minutes before the gig can be useful. Didn't quite believe that it was really sold out though as I suddenly found myself in the fourth row without any effort on my part.

I missed the support acts (on purpose), but Kasabian were pretty good -- their best songs (LSF, Cutt Off etc) weren't that good live but the stuff I don't usually like as much (e.g. their second album) was acually pretty awesome... even though half the time the outros were a lot better than the actual songs :P

But my ears are ringing and I smell like a barrel of beer (the British idea of having fun at a gig is buying overpriced pints of beer and then throwing it into the crowd instead of drinking it) and I'm in too good a mood to write this stupid essay now, so that can only be a good sign :cool:

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It has been stupidly long since I was at a big gig, could do with another something or other quite soon. I've been going to locals lately and supporting mates, and it has been far more enjoyable than thousands of pushy, sweaty, don't give a *&^% idiots ruining it for you. In fact, I'll stick to the small stuff for now :P

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I've never been to a big venue, I'm a broke student. If you look hard enough, though, you can find a big/biggish band (The Church/Kid Sam) playing a bar for nothing or next-to-nothing. Independent labels often have some nice lineups - the last good one I saw was four bands, including two of my favouriter local acts, for free :D

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I love big concerts! So much energy. I love having a ton of people in one place enjoying the music. The energy is insane. More of a communal thing. Like when AC/DC was in Kansas City recently, that was crazy good. High energy and what not. Didn't help to be toward the front. But I didn't enjoy breaking my collar bone in a mosh during an Offspring concert.

But on the other hand, I like the smaller gigs too cause it's more personal. I mean, I've seen Clapton twice, once at a big place and once at a small coffee shop in Kansas City. And the second time I was at most, 15 ft. from Slowhand himself. And i even got to have a nice little conversation with him after his set. And I got to see The Dandy Warhols at a smaller club in KC, and I got to party with them afterword and even dance with their keyboardist, Zia McCabe (who I've had a schoolboy crush on since my freshman year of high school) during the opening band's set.

So yeah, The smaller gigs were more personal and had far better memories attached to them. I guess it just depends on the artist.

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I like all concerts...indoor, outdoor, big or small... :P

Same here... :) And the fact that I'm going to very few concerts lately only means that my life has changed and I have other/better things to do... but I enjoyed them so much, there's some sort of magic in concerts...

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I'm a fan of large outdoor concerts but am fond as well of concerts performed in a well structured mosque engineered primarily for acoustics and well placed lighting.

In fact, my favourite concerts have been indoors with well-placed seating if only because I could actually hear the band and not some drunk screaming in my ear.


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Actually I like the smaller concerts...I met Ian Hunter at "The Beacon" in NY...(not with "Mott the Hoople" but just...and Mick Ronson...He just walked up and said..."How'd we do?" I was like speechless,stuttering and stuff...and he said..."I guess we did our job huh?"...then I met Jack Bruce...at "My Fathers Place" I think on Long Island...again, I freaked an froze up...but he was cool like he understood...shook my hand...then I met Pat Travers in a bar in Dallas, Texas...He asked me "favorite song?" or "Album?" and I said "Black Pearl"...he played the whole thing... And I really couldn't imagine seeing ac/dc in a small place...nah...maybe I could...

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One of the best concerts I've ever been wasn't a concert but a sound check. The Psychedelic Furs were checking sound and rehearsing before a show for TV in the eighties. I was working for that TV show so I was with them while they were on stage... they played the whole list of songs. It was so incredible... just me and the sound engineer, plus a couple of people...

The concert was good... I will try to post it, it's on youtube.

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I find it hard to believe you were there( being ~ 10 years old), Marcus

Master Kevin,

I'm not sure if your above quote questions whether or not I was at Woodstock and if it doesn't please disregard what follows:

A slew of previous threads concerning Woodstock states I was not present and that still holds true today.

Clarification...I love all concerts, big, small, outdoors or indoors.

(indoors preferably because the acoustics are infinitely better) !


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LL Cool J


Big Daddy Kane

Vanilla Ice ( I know I know)

Biz Markie

Salt N Pepa

MC Lyte

James Brown

Keith Sweat

Brian McKnight

Chrisette Michele

The Isley Brothers

Laura Izibor

George Duke

Luther Vandross

Peabo Bryson

Mary J Blige

Teena Marie



Frankie Beverly & Maze

Charlie Wilson

Musiq Soulchild

Jill Scott



Lil Bow Wow (somebody had to chaperone the kiddies)

Anita Baker

Robin Thicke


New Edition (so many times I can't remember with & without Bobby Brown)

And last but certainly not least:

The Jackson 5 @ Valley Forge in PA (Gosh I miss that venue)

*All the shows were great, but if Maxwell, Robin Thicke or Anita Baker shows up at a venue near you check 'em out....awesome awesome performances :bow: Oh heck I forgot...The Beautiful One: Prince!!!!

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Yesterday I got to see The Grascals.

Honestly I didn't know who they were beforehand, I just knew they made bluegrass stuff and the concert was only 2 euros.

So I was sittin' in that small room with about 70 other peeps and suddenly they blew my mind!

3 great singers, one legend of a bass player, a 14 times world champion bluegrass mandolin player, a 12 times world champion bluegrass fiddle player and a gorgeous, female banjo virtuoso.

Great music, great jokes, great time :bow:

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When I first heard the name "Grascals" I thought that it was a band that couldn't figure out a decent name. But after I heard them, I thought it was a band with no name accompanied by lackluster


There's many that like 'em. They're the same ones due for an appointment with an audiologist.

Behold one of the songs that put the blue on grass !

(Yee haw or hee-haw? Buck Owens and Roy Clark used to do a rendition of "Cripple Creek" during the mid-way point of their variety show including lots of laughs, songs and...FARM girls)!


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Yesterday I got one step closer perfect happiness.

Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton played a great show!

many songs I knew, more then 2 hours long and boy can he play guitar!

Both started on electric guitar for 'Had to cry today'

After a while Steve continued on piano while Eric played the one amazing solo after the other. Songs like 'After Midnight', 'Well..Alright' and 'Georgia on my mind'.

Then they dimmed the lights for an acoustic session, playing 'Driftin' blues', 'how long blues', 'Can't find my way home' and of course: 'Layla'.

The ending consisted of 'Voodoo Chile' and 'Cocaine', extraordinary!

The encore was 'Dear Mr Fantasy'.

After two hours and fifteen minutes my friends and I went home in ecstasy.


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