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  1. Never once did I quote him as taking the entirety of the credit for the death of bin Laden. If he HAD done that, I probably would have taken actions far more drastic than simply posting on an online music forum. The point I was trying to get across is how it irks me that people feel that he deserves credit for it. Yes, I understand that he was the one that gave the go-ahead on the mission that ended his life, but that was it. My original point was based on how it upsets me that aside from the brief sentence stating that bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs, the only praise that I've seen has been directed toward the President. After reading my previous post I realized that the last sentence of that paragraph was written in an incorrect context. It wasn't my intention to turn that into an Obama-bashing post, but rather convey my discontent towards the people that see him as the only one who had any part in the mission (which, in hindsight, I realize was wrongly done). I'm also pretty sure that a bit more of my personal bias than I'd have liked showed through on that, due to my experience serving that, after successful operations, the only ones that were noticeably praised were the ones that did the least amount of the work. Anyway, I digress. To all the SongFactors, I apologize for de-railing that thread in the manner in which I had. Brad, if you would like to discuss this with me further, feel free to PM me, as I'd prefer to settle any sort of personal issues that may arise out of this in private. One thing I definitely don't want on here is any sort of animosity between myself and any of the members on this forum. Now, let's let the funny resurface!
  2. They asked for two beers, and the bartender told them 'We don't serve time travelers.' Two time travelers walk into a bar...
  3. My first act, now that I am back in America, was to by an Ibanez 5-string Soundgear bass. It's beautiful.
  4. Every time I see any sort of notion giving Obama any sort of credit to the death of bin Laden fills me with rage. Just because it happened while you were in office doesn't mean that it was you that got him. You sat in a nice, cozy office while men who have witnessed things that would keep you awake for the rest of your life trudged their way through some of the most rugged terrain on earth, and I highly doubt it was seventy degrees and sunny the entire time. This time of year, the rainy season is just coming to an end, as well as the end of the poppy harvest, marking the resurgence of Taliban activity. Saying you are responsible for the death of Osama, Mr. President, is as preposterous as saying that Ronald Reagan is responsible for the terrorist attack on the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983. This concludes my rant.
  5. I'll admit, the first book isn't all that great, mostly due to the fact that King uses that book to practically foreshadow the entire rest of the series. After that, however, it's quite captivating. Also, before this book series, I used sugar to sweeten my coffee.
  6. The Dark Tower series by Steven King. I started the first book in Afghanistan, but nobody had the second so I was forced to wait until we got back, and since then I've fallen in love with Roland of Gilead and his quest to find the Tower. I'm currently on the second chapter of The Wastelands.
  7. Deeper Underground - Jamiroquai I had almost forgotten how amazing music is!
  8. So, after almost nine months of overseas service, here I am, back in the good old U.S. of A. Damn, it feels good to be home!
  9. Here I am, the big times! 'Ghani, baby! In the 'Stan! It's about time I go to war...
  10. I was in NC for last Christmas, and thought it was bad because there was no snow. Christmas in the Middle East feels even less like it. I woke this morning and it took another Marine saying "Merry Christmas Corporal Heimann" for me to remember that it's Christmas. And nobody got me any presents! :beady:
  11. New Update! This time, I'm at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. This place is pretty nice. It has electricity, unlike the last little base-type settlement (merely a collection of tents surrounded by concertina wire) that I stayed in in the United Arab Emirates. I'm supposed to be here for 3 months, but that's if nothing flares up in Afghanistan. I've got my fingers crossed...
  12. Haha.... Call of Duty doesn't include the next 6 hours you spend cleaning your rifle after a firefight Marine! :beady: :beady:
  13. So... I'm still alive, and back in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Not too much that's new on my end... though I did spend a week in Djibouti. If you haven't been to an impoverished region of Africa, all those commercials that you see about helping out kids and things like that... it's all true. It was definitely heartbreaking to tell malnourished children that I don't have any food or water to spare for them...
  14. Hello, fellow Songfactors! I'm still alive, and currently in Bahrain (no, I'm causing any breach of security by saying this) EDIT: Whoa! When did I become a marlin?
  15. Not to de-rail the current conversational topic, but as you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been on SF in quite a while. This is due to the fact that my deployment got pushed forward a month, and I've been working late and doing a lot of pre-deployment training in fast forward. Near the end of the month, I'll be departing the 'Facts, and I'll be gone for quite a few months (I'm not even sure of the exact number). That being said, I haven't forgot my fellow SF'ers (I still that sounds like an abbreviated insult), and I'll be back once I'm stateside again.
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