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  1. My Spanx Name one thing you set out to do this year that you actually made happen.
  2. Sweet Potato :inlove: Name your most favorite topping on a sundae
  3. The Nomad Bar Name a festival (musical or non musical) that comes to your town every year that you attend.
  4. Well ya learn something new everyday, I didn't know that. YOU lucky duckies!!! I think if it were like that here I'd have a much better attitude. It sucks getting home from work and it's dark, makes me just wanna jump right into my pj's!!
  5. Peace From Broken Pieces Name a bar you frequent where everybody knows your name.
  6. We're almost thru February and no snow!!! BUT what really sweetens my coffee today is: there's 10 more days till Daylight Savings Time Wahoooo :happybanana:
  7. It's 52 and sunny here today after it rained cats & dogs last night
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