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  1. I'm going to Kansas City Culinary. I've been cooking for most of my life, so now I just need that ridiculously expensive piece of paper that says I can cook.
  2. I'd have to go with my absolute favorite band, Punch Brothers .
  3. Went to see The Muppets last night with my niece and nephew and we loved it! So funny, and I'm really glad they used the actual puppets instead of Lucas-ing it up and making them CG. I'd have to agree with the 10/10 rating.
  4. Thanks guys! I managed to get an internship as a chef at one of the local five star restaurants, so I'm pretty stoked. That'll be something to do while I'm going through culinary school. I start in January and I'm stoked!
  5. I am back from my month away from everything, and I am feeling great! For those who don't know, I left last month and didn't tell anyone where I was going. No computer, no internet, nothing. Just me and my books. I had my phone, but it was for emergencies only. I ended up going to New York City for a week before leaving for some time in Europe. First stop was the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Stayed in Ireland for a few days then hopped over to Scotland to visit the Glenlivet distillery. After a few days in Scotland, I hopped on a plane back to the states and headed to Washington D.C. to hit up the National Air and Space Museum and Library of Congress. My last stop was Detroit to catch a Red Wings game at the Joe before heading home. It was nice to get some time away from everything and just get my S**T together. I am refreshed and ready to take on life.
  6. Well, going on a trip. Not taking my computer or anything. Just my phone which will only be used for emergencies. Nobody knows where I'm going but me and I am so excited to just vanish for a month. Just need to get away from everything for a while.
  7. I am watching The Office. Finally got my mom into it.
  8. So, Sunday night, I was drunk and bought a scratch off lottery ticket. I was pretty excited because I won $2. When I went to cash it in at the gas station, they said they couldn't cash out that much. I was baffled, cause it was only $2. Turns out I read it wrong . . . I just won $20,000 . . . . . . . . Holy F***ING S**T! I am seriously beside myself. That definitely softens the blow of losing my job.
  9. I don't know about that. I'm pretty good. I was raised on Galaga. I've had the high score on that machine since I was a kid, and the only time that wasn't the case was when they reset the machine.
  10. Thank you all for the kind words! I really appreciate it! Well, yesterday was my "supposed to be wedding day". We ended up going to the bar. I spent the night drinking Guinness, playing Galaga, and flirting with the cute, off duty waitress who I apparently pretend married. All in all it was tons of fun and really helped to cheer me up. For the first time in a while, I feel like it's all gonna be ok.
  11. I read this somewhere a couple days ago and we all had a party to celebrate the announcement! Yaay for AD marathon and Guinness!
  12. I just finished reading King Rat by James Clavell. I do love a good Samurai Story! I thought it was awesome, not as good as ShÅgun, but still quite good. 7/10
  13. As most of you probably didn't notice, I have been missing from the forum for a while. This is the result of a chaotic month. See, I was SUPPOSED to be getting married this weekend, but about a month ago, Chandra decided to inform me that she not only didn't want to get married anymore, but she was moving out. Of course, this all happened the same day that I lost my job. Sooo, needless to say, I was in a bad spot. I ended up spending a couple weeks in the hospital on suicide watch and now I am unemployed and living with my parents again. C'est le vie, I suppose. Better to break up now than AFTER the wedding. At least I don't have to go through a divorce.
  14. George Lucas wanted Obi Wan Kenobi to be Asian in honor of one of his favorite directors, Akira Kurosawa, but the studios didn't think that an Asian was marketable enough. George Lucas was originally supposed to direct Apocalypse Now. Lucas has stated that Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is the only installment in the prequel trilogy that he was satisfied with. George originally wanted to do a Flash Gordon movie. Since he couldn't get the rights, he created Star Wars. George Lucas based Han Solo on his friend . . . Francis Ford Coppola The Directors Guild of America fined Lucas for refusing to have a standard title sequence in his "Star Wars" films; he quit the guild after paying the fine.
  15. Got laid off from my job today, instead of being upset about it. . . . Instead my fiance and I made an impromptu trip to Vegas. And it is awesome.
  16. Going to the Rock & Roll hall of fame . . . . And seeing anything related to ABBA
  17. Hmmmm. Damn this stupid phone with its itty bitty keys.
  18. Just got the whole Flaming Lips discography, the whole Nada Surf discography, The Strokes discography, and Leonard Cohen discography. I had them all once, but my former roommate stole most of my music and pawned it to buy a stereo for my car. They still haven't found the body.
  19. I did the same thing with Eric Clapron! And my best friend did the same with John Williams.
  20. Jeff Daniels > > Sandra Bullock
  21. Finally finished the informational wedding website. I figured, since it's listed on the invitations that we already sent out I should actually get around to putting stuff on it.
  22. I just got a call from an old friend who I haven't heard form in ages. He got all strung out on drugs and dropped off the face of the Earth. He'd been in and out of jail for the past five years and we all pretty much thought we'd never see him again. It seems he's been in rehab for the last year or so and he's gotten himself cleaned up, getting married, and has his life back on track. I hope it lasts, cause I've lost enough friends.
  23. Wow! This thread is still going . Not bad for drunken boredom.
  24. I'm also interested in where you are from . . . everyone I know has heard of Captain America. Even my friends from Korea, Russia, and Africa have heard of Cap. Anywho, did you stay for the Avengers trailer after the credits? The Avengers is really the purpose of the Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor movies. They're really all part of a much bigger picture. It's an exciting time to be a comic book fan.
  25. It's binary code . . . There are several translators online.
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