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Concerts You've Attended


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There's hope for you yet , then , my dear . Bless you , and may the Stones cast a blessing on your house which will soon remove this awful curse .

( Oh - and I'd cut out the yodelling if I were you , unless you move to Switzerland or something ... )

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I can't believe I've never visited this thread! After some thought I've realized I've seen a lot more concerts than I even realized. They are:

Alice Cooper - 1970

Black Oak Arkansas - 1971

Black Sabbath - 1972

Kiss - 1973

Charlie Daniels - 1973

The Doobie Brothers - 1974

Kansas - 1974

The Allman Brothers - 1975

Bob Seger - 1975

The Allman Brothers - 1979

ZZ Top - 1983

ZZ Top - 1986

The Rolling Stones (Steel Wheels Tour) - 1989

Steve Winwood - 1993

The Rolling Stones (Bridges To Babylon Tour) - 1997

Kenny Wayne Shepard - 1997

The Allman Brothers - 2001

George Thorogood - 2003

John Mellencamp - 2005

John Fogerty - 2005

The Rolling Stones (A Bigger Bang Tour) - 2005

Dave Mason - 2006

Wow. Way more than I thought.

*gasp* Wow....I love nearly ALL these bands.... :crazy: :)

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I don't go to concerts. I find that all of my favourite bands are now either dead or way too expensive for me to go to.

Yeah, me too. It's just the way it is, isn't it??. We can't help it if our favourite bands are now in the past. But at least U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are still around, I'd like to see them sometime hopefully. But I don't have any money really at the moment.

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It was sooooo amazing!!. :laughing:

The sheer quality of the music was stunning. They played all my faves; such as Desperado, Take it Easy, and Hotel California of course!!.

*Jealous* Your not helping the hate vibes here...or maybe you are. Those are MY fave songs too!!

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KC & The Sunshine Band

The Beach Boys

Fleetwood Mac


Garth Brooks

The Rolling Stones

Neil Diamond

Michael Bolton

Rod Stewart x2

Ricky Martin

Keb Mo

Blind Boys of Alabama

James Cotton

The Derek Trucks Band

Col Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit (openers for Derek Trucks)

Taylor Hicks. x too many to say.

Toby Lightman ( opener for Taylor Hicks )

The Greyhounds "

Elliott Yamin

The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra

I've probably forgotten some also...

Getting ready to see

James Morrison/Ben Folds/John Mayer this monday. very excited about it too. Love James!

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some, not in order

*John Mellancamp

*Rage Against Machine

*Bone Thugs n Harmony, Keith Sweat, Dru Hill

*Billy Idol

*Fugees, Busta Rhymes, Cypress Hill, Tribe Called Quest, Spearhead, Crucial Conflict, Ziggy Marley

*Talib Kweli

*Tokyo Police Club, Ra Ra Riot, White Denim

*Candlebox, Flaming Lips

*Corrosion of Conformity, Monster Magnet

*Jay-Z, Dru Hill, Pras, Monica, Mya

*Public Enemy, Digital Underground, Afros, Young+Restless

*Beastie Boys

*Bush, No Doubt, Collective Soul, Third Eye Blind

*Def Leppard, Europe

*Ozzy, Korn

*Minus the Bear, POS, Russian Circles

*Godsmack, Young MC, Vanilla Ice

*Modest Mouse

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