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  1. Withdrawal symptoms already!!!
  2. I see you tremble with antici...
  3. Was released on 28 Nov 1980 here in the Yook but failed to chart
  4. Lorraine Ellison :cuttie: H V
  5. People who really deserve a slap upside the head Armstrong, Lance Bush, George W. Clinton, Hillary (Bill, too) Dolce And Gabbana!!! E Farage, Nigel Gore, Al Harper, Stephen I John, Elton Kardashians, all of them L Mo Howard Neeson, Liam O'Reilly, Bill Penn, Sean Q Reid, Harry Sharpton, Al T US Supreme Court, all of them Vick, Michael West, Kanye Xzibit Y Zimmerman, George
  6. I am the same - I love the work of the late Terry Pratchett for that reason...
  7. Freddie "Parrot Face" Davies :sing1: J R
  8. Simulated: Rita Pavone and Madness
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