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  1. Thank You Laurie ... that would be lovely but i believe it should me enough for all our songfactors here so, how many will you bake?
  2. How many pills will he take?
  3. I'm not a great fan of Muse but I did find this song one their best. I like his voice better in other songs of theirs. Memory Lane-Elliott Smith
  4. I think he changed his telephone number.
  5. and I hope you are not wrong.
  6. i did but the post-eater kept on eating... so i figured i should look for something else while he gets full.
  7. Another Online Survey... 1. Yoga or pilates? Yoga 2. Orange juice or apple juice? Orange juice 3. Have you ever moshed? Nope, and I don't plan on doing so either 4. What do you do most when you're bored? find something to do 5. Last hug? yesterday 6. Have you ever gone to a public school? yes 7. Yahoo or Google? Google 8. Do you believe in soul mates? perhaps 9. Who DID let the dogs out? mmm i dont know... 10. Hot or cold? cold 11. Meat or veggies? Veggies 12. Would you set yourself on fire? I don't think so 13. Are you rude? No, i try not to be at least 14. Do you like your name? Yes 15. Favourite number? 17
  8. only if your at the booth.
  9. and his favourite color is red.
  10. i play piano,keyboard, flute, piccolo, and i little bit of saxophone.
  11. did you hear what she said?
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