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    Listen to the Song

    6/10; there's some nice riffage going on the guitar, but I've gone off this sorta stuff at the moment, and the song doesn't stick out to me. Kansas - Dust In The Wind
  2. Floydaholic

    Give me the answer, I'll give you the question

    What's that stuck to your face? No.
  3. Floydaholic

    Three Word Story II

    and a loud
  4. Floydaholic

    New Top Ten List Game

    Top 10 worst TV show ideas for a named star. 10. Geraldo Rivera's Monster Moustache Olympics 9. Sarah Palin's American History Rewritten 8. The Charlie Sheen Religious Hour 7. Barack Obama's American Idle 6. Casey Anthony's Romper Room 5. Caught In The Act, with your host...Pee Wee Herman 4. Everyday Manners And Etiquette With Roseanne Barr 3. Gene Simmons' Abstinence Club 2. 1.
  5. Floydaholic

    Three Word Story II

    where they take
  6. Floydaholic

    Give me the answer, I'll give you the question

    What are you doing?! You're insane! Your face.
  7. Floydaholic

    New Top Ten List Game

    Top Ten Reasons why the NFL lockout will end before the NBA lockout. 10. There's plenty more Prima donna's in the NBA. 9. They're both not willing to lose ratings to soccer! 8. In the NFL there's $ 9 billion in the pot, plenty for players and owners. 7. Tougher sledding according to NBA owners, with only a mere $3 or 4 billion, yada, yada, yada. 6. Over half the players will get arrested for steroids or gun possession, thus ending the season. 5. Because O.J. wants it that way! 4. Everybody loses money and they're only a few get out of jail free cards left for the players. 3. Because that's just how life goes sometimes. 2. 1.
  8. Floydaholic

    Three Word Story II

    in three fractured
  9. Floydaholic

    Comfort songs about suicide....

    As previous posters have said, songs about suicide probably wouldn't be best, so I have some suggestions that you could check out to see if you think they're suitable. -------------- 1. Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On"; the whole album. 2. U2's music is very positive and uplifting; try some of their stuff out.
  10. Floydaholic

    Give me the answer, I'll give you the question

    What should we do now Wayne? 500 red stickers
  11. Floydaholic

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted. It eats your face off. I wish I had one billion dollars.
  12. Floydaholic

    Change & Rearrange

  13. Floydaholic

    Three Word Story II

    some really nasty
  14. Floydaholic

    New Top Ten List Game

    Top ten reasons why Michael Bay is the greatest director of all time. 10. He makes things go "BOOM!!" 9. Name any other director ..... they suck! 8. He might have learned from past masters of his craft. 7. In today's age, the movie making budgets are bigger. 6. Because Ed Wood died at such a young age. 5. He fired Megan Fox. 4. 3. 2. 1.
  15. Floydaholic


    I got 94% in one of my 2nd year modules, and it helped to bring my average up to 60.5%; my next highest mark was 68%, and my lowest was 45%. I needed to get 60% average or above to be eligible for the "music therapy" module in 3rd year I'm studying music.