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Actually, if it's snowy it's not as cold. Further north it gets cold enough that it doesn't really ever snow. Humidity = warmth in Canada! :laughing:

Alaska is way colder than where I live. I'm just north of Minnesota. (couple hours drive to the border).

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Well... I decided to cough up most of my account balance to by another PlayStation because the other one was starting to crap out on me. The new one is easier to maintain than the model I had so that's a plus.

Now to make it through the month on 70 bucks... :crazy:

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I never thought that feisty girl from Clueless would become a Jay-Z hater/Republican operative:


I read no name-calling in her rant. She has an opinion about folks skirting the laws by which most all Americans must abide. Why should that opinion be labeled as "hate?" Does your opinion of her mean you are a hater, or a Jay-Z operative? I don't think so.

If having rational dialogue about issues must involve pejorative epithets be hurled at those expressing their ideas, the world cannot help but be in for tougher and tougher times.

But hey, I'm just a jerk. So, who cares what I think?

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I'm adding the Jersey Shore to my bucket list...they had a little segment on the news about it, and it definitely looks like a place I would enjoy...Not sure if it will be this year, but definitely on my list... :P

I was down just this weekend and I know you would love it. I usually stay in Wildwood Crest which is just north of Cape May. Don't bucket list it...do it!!!

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I have often thought that were D-Day enacted under the surveillance of today's American news media, it would be as big a Washington scandal as is imaginable. I can just about guess the headline and byline:

"Outrageous! Egregious!

Over 5,000 Americans killed in a single day during attempt to occupy a worthless stretch of barren sand in northern France."

As Ronald Reagan said about D-Day at Europe's 40th anniversary ceremony, "... there is a profound, moral difference between the use of force for liberation and the use of force for conquest."

Glad you get it, Edna.

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Today is my birthday. Overall, it's been a pretty ho-hum day, but that's what I want. I'm at the age now where getting all rah-rah about it just looks silly. No one celebrates being 31 unless they weren't supposed to live that long. I got lunch from my dad, a hug from my sister, and I'm getting a free Starbucks this evening. Can't say I really need much more than that.

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