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  1. Yeah, 80's late-night was different from today. Back then it was about movies, tv & new comedians. Once in a while they'd have a no-name band who were not yet famous & probably didn't become famous. I think Madonna was the only 80's singer on late-night tv. But she was also acting at the time. It wasn't the "flavor of the week" tv there is now.
  2. If that was then, where is when?
  3. Things you will do now that warmer weather is finally here. A Butterfly chasing C Drink beer on the patio :haveabeer: E F Grow weed H I J K L M N O P Q R Stare at hot bikini-clad chicks Take down the outdoor Christmas lights U V Watch hockey X Y Z
  4. Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
  5. Granted. You must see me naked forever. I wish the new boards worked better with the crappy browser I use.
  6. You lost a couple thousand Shawna (if I remember right) Those stars mean you're in charge! You have as many as Carl! LOL
  7. :rayzorstandingonabartablebanginghisheadandplayingairguitar:
  8. Things you will do now that warmer weather is finally here. A Butterfly chasing C D E\ F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V Watch hockey X Y Z
  9. Artists/Bands founded in Japan Aphasia Balzac C Dead End Envy F Gazette, The H I J K L'Arc-en-Ciel M N O P Quruli Run&Gun S T Underneath, The V W X Japan Y Zeni Geva
  10. The Jets did better than they were supposed to. Keep each game as tight as they did against a much more playoff-experienced and just plain superior team was good. Nobody expected a real Cup run. Except those who don't understand hockey, of course. I would have been happier with just one win at the MTS Centre, but... oh well. My Habs are gonna Carey the Cup soon.
  11. I cross the room to my small bed With the sun nearly gone Laying down with a heart filled with dread Darkness creeps along the floor Wrapping myself in my blanket Afraid of what may lie beyond the door The last of daylight soon disappears I hate knowing the sun is gone Night only seems to validate my fears Why am I forever trapped in here? Doesn't anyone care about me? Doesn't anyone understand my fear? Soon I'm surrounded by the night There's no more light to see Only darkness from left to right So frightened I could just cry Yet I dare not make a sound Alone and afraid, silently I lie Then there's a noise across the hall Screaming, trying to run away Tangled in the covers, I fall With a sudden burst there is light As mother comes to tuck me in With a soft kiss, wishing me goodnight
  12. So that's how it works! Complete the list then abandon the game! LOL
  13. not having my drummer is annoying
  14. Rayzor Blaydd Name your first imaginary friend (that you remember)
  15. What did kids do as Sammy drove under the bridge? I'm so scared
  16. a drunken drummer (where's my drummer & rockon?)
  17. It doesn't matter who plays against the Habs in the east. They will be slaughtered brutally and swiftly!! Stanley Cup: here we come! Olé, olé olé olé :champions: :greatestteamtohittheice: :careyprice: :stanleycup: :bleublancetrouge: (yes... these are my personal emoticons)
  18. Yeah, Jenny. I lost 4000. No biggie, though cuz now it doesn't look like I was posting a whole lotta nothing! LOL
  19. 1 Love Is Easy – Badfinger 2 Walking With A Ghost – Tegan and Sara 3 Shimmer – Fuel 4 Bicycle Race – Queen 5 Teenage Lament '74 – Alice Cooper 6 Long Gone – George Thorogood 7 Love Bites – Judas Priest 8 Operator – Grateful Dead 9 Last Mile, The – Cinderella 10 Ride the Lightning – Metallica
  20. Hey Carl! If you're talking about that button with the 3 bars nothing happens when I click it. Strange stuff. To view my profile I have to click on my own name from a post but the log-out option isn't there. I've always logged in with my username so that was never an issue and posting is fine too (obviously!) So I'll just go along without sign-out. Seems it signs me out automatically if I'm not active for a day or so. (I think) I'm guessing my gaming device (which is a hybrid of a phone & desktop browser) seems to have trouble recognising certain things. Luckily it's nothing major! Keep up the good work Carl & Zhivko , oh masters of all that is great and holy at SF!!
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