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^that was my random thought.

Here's a not-so-random one. I've been so immersed in working that I haven't even read the news, turned on the TV, or barely been in my car long enough to hear anything about anywhere in the world outside of my own little work bubble.

So until this very second (!!!) I was totally unaware that the East Coast of the US is under weather attack, and I'm hoping that UJ, Rocky, Carl, RonJon, Laurie, all of yous are kept safe and dry. :puppyeyes:

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I hope everything is well... and will be well...my Songfactor fellows will be allright... my brother was leaving NYC yesterday in the evening. My sil came to Boston with no problem. I understand my sister and hubby have bought lanterns and stuff...

This is the first tonado for my new born nephew who lives in Boston and is only 28 days old...

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The winds are howling up here and there is a steady driving drizzle, but so far we have power and all is OK. We have a generator and I have already invited my parents and sister to come on up if they lose power. They are predicting 7-10 days with no power for some areas.

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