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We got hit with it here in NEPA, but not as much damage as the coastal towns of other states and southern PA since we were well above the eye and it weakened somewhat as it moved inland.

We did, however have a young boy die from a fallen tree limb just north of here, many trees down around my area and people still without power in neighboring towns from fallen trees on electrical wires. :(

That was one huge, bad-ass hurricane. :thumbsdown:

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Your reports on FB and here are the ones I'm relying on, so keep 'em coming! Glad that everyone is safe so far... I'd love to hear from UJ, Ron, and Jenny, too... :puppyeyes:

What? Oh yeah, we got power about three hours ago. Hope it holds out. We are a few houses of light in the middle of lots of darkness. No damage. Guy behind me had a tree cut through his house. My office is still in the dark. Drove to Pennsylvania for gas today, gambled at Mount Airy Casino and drove back.

The Jersey Shore was hammered though Wildwood was mostly OK. Seaside will need a year or so to rebuild from what I hear.

We take a licking and keep on ticking...

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15 consecutive hours of power normally isn't cause for celebration but it means there was heat all last night and frankly sleeping with a knit ski cap isn't as much fun as it sounds.

Part of my lack of preparation was the early consumption of my Jack Daniels. That's a mistake I won't make again...not the early consumption part, but the running out part

This is far from a normal Sunday morning because so many people and businesses are without power. A Noreaster is scheduled for Wednesday with 50 mph winds and lots of rain, maybe some snow. This is the time of year when I seriously start asking Shawna if she has a spare closet for me down in Arizona although Lucky in SoCal provides another wonderful alternative place to seek shelter.

There are trucks from all over the country here with workers to fix us up. The guys from Ohio Edison spent hours in my town and I thank them.

I can tell some jokes about what it's like because, well that's what I do in most every situation, but the fact is that there is devastation all around. It will take time and money to fix some of it, some will never be the same. If you find yourself in a position to donate a few bucks to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army, please do. There are lots of folks really hurting and without the means to get back on their feet.


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Oh, and we're losing even more money in our deferred compensation/retirement plans because the market took a few more hits. Better brace ourselves for floored-more-years of this :beatnik:

You might want to be in a money market fund for your retirement plan before the first of the year as investors will take gains at a lower rate before Obama let's the tax cuts expire starting January 1st, driving the market DOWN.


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