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Who is (or was) the worlds best guitarist?


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Surely this is all illrelevent as it's our own opinions on the greatest guitar players that count, personnally i don't think it's right to stomp on others opinions but thats just my opinion. We all have a different idea of what "Greatest" means, no one is right or wrong in this case... ;):D

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Clapton created as many groundbreaking and memorable songs as hendrix. Eric Johnson did. Michael Hedges was the most groundbreaking. Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery.

We're really arguing over nothing here haha, it's my opinion, and I used to think hendrix was the best too, I just developped and found new guitarists.

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How does one define "best" in this context? Is the best player the fastest, the most innovative or the most versatile or the most influential? I am not a guitar player and so I would not presume to know who is the "best". Some of my favourite guitar players are (in no particular order):

Mark Knopfler

Alvin Lee

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Johnny Winter

Eric Johnson

David Lindley

Richard Thompson

Eric Clapton

Brian Setzer

Jeff Healey

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What about Tommy Emmanuel or Keller Williams? Hendrix was just very mainstream and a popular character especially after he died. I still love his music though! Don't get me wrong because I know there are a lot of Hendrix "fanboys" :P. But for that purpose, I'm gonna try and leave him out of this list (not that he is worse than any of these I just believe the following need to be recognized). Anyways, here's my list for blues and rock.

Eric Clapton - C'mon! Crossroads? White Room? Layla? Everything he plays is smooth, wet, and funky. He is Hendrix but cleaner. (I admit Hendrix was a wee more creative)

David Gilmour - Well, the "Comfortably Numb" solos were the most dark thing I have ever heard on the BLUES SCALE. Plus, you know, Time, Wish You Were Here, Young Lust, and all the others :)

Tommy Emmanuel - You can't watch this and honestly tell me he isn't as good or better than the big shredders.

Eddie Van Halen - The only one who plays fast "shred" style music that I continue to listen to. The amazing thing is even though he plays very fast he still manages to sound "groovy" (listen to Mean Street)

Jimmy Page - Although highly credited for his technical ability, nobody notices what a musical genius he is! To prove my point, go to a sheet store and find the sheet music for "Kashmir" or "Achilles Last Stand".

Well that's all for now haha

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my co-worker saw Lindsey Buckingham do a guest appearance in a show he went to a couple of weeks ago, and he said he never realied how much talent that mad has with a guitar. He was knocked flat by it.

Shawna this is sooooo true!....I saw Lindsey on CMT Crossroads...He was playing with a country band and he was amazing,.....They played some of the country bands songs, but they played alot of Fleetwood Mac also. You don't hear him mentioned among the great guitarist too often.....

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