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  1. sadlady

    Do you believe in Aliens/Extraterrestrial beings?

    jimmy... i like your avatar.....it's cool. L&P oh, about the question, there has to be... lots of populated planets... if the universe is never-ending.....L&P
  2. sadlady

    Cool links and sites II

    try: http://www.angryalien.com/ the 30 sec bunny films........i think these are just funnier than hell. ya gotta love 'em! LMAO...LMFAO....LMMFAO....L&P
  3. sadlady

    sex in school

    both. L&P
  4. sadlady

    Three Word Story II

    steven tyler combined
  5. sadlady

    This or that II

    double check rayzor's post, right above me.. man, i just don't type fast, or i forget what i was saying..L&P
  6. sadlady

    Cool or Dork?

    is that better?? you know how i am at this time of night....sometimes i can't think...
  7. sadlady

    Rhyme It! II

    sorry, off post for a second my granddaughter is legally an alexia aka alexa by part of the family
  8. sadlady

    Cool or Dork?

    does she have any real hair under that wig coolish sometimes jack black
  9. sadlady

    Three Word Story II

    made my huge
  10. sadlady

    This or that II

    smokey dogs brats or italian sausage
  11. sadlady

    Three Word Story II

    anti aircraft weapons
  12. sadlady

    Best "Made for TV" movies

    from the early 70's, i think.. sunshine break out a new box of kleenex & alot of gatorade, cuz the tears start in the first few minutes, and last past the movie... if i remember correctly. take care, L&P
  13. sadlady

    Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

    it was a dvd....called....tourista, or something like that... it sucked a big one.....L&P
  14. sadlady

    Rhyme It! II

    my eyelids feel like lead
  15. sadlady

    Random Sports and Sport Talk

    i don't know what to do with myself...march madness is almost over....oh,i feel the pain of the withdrawal already... SEND DRUGS!!! LMMFAO!! take care, L&P