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  1. As a general rule, if you're into crazily psychedelic instrumental kind of stuff, you want to look for the lesser known bands. Putting that aside, though, I recommend Piper at the Gates of Dawn by Pink Floyd or The Madcap Laughs by Syd Barrett. More pop-ish psychedelic can include Anthem of the Sun by Grateful Dead, Cream's Wheels of Fire and Disraeli Gears, Strange Days by the Doors, etc. Also, I don't like to think of the latter Floyd albums as "trippy", if you get what I'm saying.
  2. I play trumpet, guitar, piano, clarinet, harmonica, and drums, that's what I can remember at the moment.
  3. 1. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 2. Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water 3. Don Henley - The Boys of Summer 4. Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting 5. Bob Dylan - The Times they are a-Changin' 6. Bob Dylan - Knockin' on Heaven's Door 7. Guns N Roses - November Rain 8. Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine 9. Credence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen the Rain 10. Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond
  4. Animals - Clapping Song Well I mean, it's clapping!
  5. Huntington Beach, California: Avenged Sevenfold (I've seen them hanging out at central park) Suburban Legends Hellogoodbye Great Glass Elevators I'm not particularly into any of them except SL, though.
  6. A lot of people auditioning are unbelievably horrible.. It's sad how they try so hard to convince themselves they're worth anything at singing and they coem to this kind of thing and get shot in the face. If you suck at something, it's best to just accept it and find something else.
  7. Michael Jackson - Beat It And many other MJ videos are great, the many's a genius
  8. Pink Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive (Syd Era)
  9. Yes, I am half watching it right now, and I think I agree.
  10. Johnny Winter - Gangster of Love The Who - My Generation
  11. Sienfeld.. Just because he really can make people relate to his subjects, and he keeps them optimistic and presents them solidly.
  12. Oh forgot to mention What Is and What Should Never Be.
  13. What about Tommy Emmanuel or Keller Williams? Hendrix was just very mainstream and a popular character especially after he died. I still love his music though! Don't get me wrong because I know there are a lot of Hendrix "fanboys" . But for that purpose, I'm gonna try and leave him out of this list (not that he is worse than any of these I just believe the following need to be recognized). Anyways, here's my list for blues and rock. Eric Clapton - C'mon! Crossroads? White Room? Layla? Everything he plays is smooth, wet, and funky. He is Hendrix but cleaner. (I admit Hendrix was a wee more c
  14. Hah, that "Trogdor" riff is like one of the first things I ever learned on guitar..good times..
  15. I disagree with Primus, Oingo Boingo, Starship, and MAYBE the Doors.
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